Save My Bits - FAQ

Data and File Recovery

  • About Save My Bits
    • How does Save My Bits work?
      When you delete a file from the Recycle Bin, Windows marks these files as DELETED, but (and this is the useful bit) it doesn't actually delete the data, the file is just marked as DELETED. This means that the data is still present on the drive and so using a few of our own tricks, we can restore this file to its original state.

      But, the bad news is that Windows will eventually reuse this space and also overwrite the pointer to the file, so the quicker you stop using your computer and run Save My Bits, the better your chances of recovering your files.
  • Product Setup
    • How do I download Save My Bits?
      Click on and confirm that you want to download the file by clicking on START DOWNLOAD button.
    • How do I register Save My Bits?
      • Download, install and run Save My Bits.
      • Click on the button says Register.
      • Copy and paste the license into the License Key registration box.
      • Click on button Activate Now to get the product registered.
  • Using Save My Bits
    • I've deleted some files by accident - HELP!
      Ideally, you should install Save My Bits before you need it, because if you delete a valuable file and then go online to download Save My Bits, the process of downloading the installer can create a huge number of temporary files which may overwrite the file you are trying to recover.
    • Using Deep Recovery for those hard to find files
      The normal Save My Bits scan will find most files, but for some stubborn files, Save My Bits will need to look through your drive bit by bit. This can take a long time but is often worth the wait. Note that this can take hours to run, so we recommend starting the deep scan and then finding yourself a comfy chair and a good book to pass the time. Do not be tempted to use your computer in the mean time, as every time you do, you reduce the chance of recovering your files.
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