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Aug 30, 2016

How to remove Worm:VBS/Tibni.A

´╗┐Often computer gets infected by a worm thus bringing great havoc for computer users. A worm is a special type of computer virus that generally spreads by self-replication over a computer network. These worms can cause great harm to any operating system faster that a virus does. Any worm can easily interfere the operating system without the knowledge of PC users. There are various kinds of worms, one common one is Worm:VBS/Tibni.A. Read this article to know about the issues caused due to this particular worm and the solution to get rid of.

Know about the issues that this particular Worm can cause:

Everytime after opening the computer, Windows explorer is showing warning message stating system is infected by a worm, after running sfc scan system all of a sudden came up with message stating system is hijacked by a worm, face problem to boot the computer and trying everytime will show alert pop-ups stating system computer is infected by a worm, face problem to access the internet.

While trying to download and install Windows update system failed to run the program showing remove Worm:VBS/Tibni.A message, face problem to locate any files, unable to play games and trying everytime will show game crash error message pop-ups, the performance of the system will degrade, system will hang and even shut down constantly showing no specific reason, unable to recover any programs as all the recovery programs will get locked, even access to system restore and internet will get locked as well.

Windows privacy policy will frequently show pop-ups requesting payment for full protection, Windows defender will get turned off permanently, face problem to download anything on the computer, Windows search protocol host will stop working showing Worm:VBS/Tibni.A removal message, Windows update will stop working, Windows security scan whenever is run it is showing no issues.


To put an end to all these issues created due to this worm simply install VSKSoft Antivirus Worm:VBS/Tibni.A removal tool on the computer immediately.

Click on the button below to download Worm:VBS/Tibni.A removal tool - Hit Malware.

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