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Jan 5, 2015

How to remove Ransom:Win32/Genasom.FO

Ransom: Win32/Genasom.FO is one of the malicious family members of Trojan horse virus family. The major motive of the virus is to make entry in the system and then take over the entire controlling power of the specific computer or pc towards any remote computer which is managed by any malicious hacker.

This virus can be installed at the same time as other programmes that you download. This includes software from third party websites or files shared through peer- to peer networks. With those unwanted software this virus make entry in any operating system and then creating problems in the system by generating pop up advertisement on the desktop and if by mistake client click on those the system directly diverted to any risky or malicious page. So, you need to remove Ransom: Win32/Genasom.FO from the operating system to avoid such risky issues as soon as possible.

This threat stops you from loading Windows and displays a full-screen message, commonly called a lock screen error. If this threat asks any user to pay a fee or fine never ever pay this as this is a fraud message to hack important data of the machine and bank accounts of the user. If you want to get rid of from this kind of threat just install and use Ransom: Win32/Genasom.FO removal tool in your computer or pc.

Except those, the Ransomware stops you from using the computer or PC. It holds the computer or files for ransom and it will encrypt files so you can't use them. This virus can also stop certain applications, especially all web browsers from running in the operating system. Just use Ransom: Win32/Genasom.FO removal for protection.

Comparing with other antiviruses this Hit Malware might occupy a very small amount of space in your OS and along with that it won't reduce the speed of your system. This antivirus offers 3 type or scanning i.e. Quick Scan, Full Scan and Custom Scan.

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