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Nov 18, 2015

How to remove PWS:Win32/Fareit.gen!C

Have you witnessed sudden abnormal slow speed of your computer? Well it can be for malware attacks in your system. I know that you have security software in your computer, but they might be disabled! How? Take a look at the write up below.

About PWS:Win32/Fareit.gen!C

PWS:Win32/Fareit.gen!C is one type of Trojans which is capable of exposing your computer so much that any spyware can get into it and together they can steal the data of the computer.

The symptoms

Being a user I have faced lot of problems with this Trojan and here is some of my experiences which you can consider as the symptoms.

Unexpected slow speed: Yes, in my all new system of Dell I have faced this issue. My laptop was performing in extreme slow speed. Actually Trojan involves the various installation and file transfers in the system which leads in the slow speed.

Email: To my surprise my contacts were getting emails from my mail id with attachments, clicking which they got some installation started in their system. Trojan hackled my mail id and to get into others computers it started doing these stuffs.

Security disabled: You must be wondering I must have no security tool in my computer but no, I had. Trojan has the ability to disable the security software so nothing can detect it at the very initial stage.

File format: I had various file including personal data in my computer and I used to zip it but I found those files as normal opened ones in my computer whereas none else uses it. Trojan did this for the ease of accessing the data.


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