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Aug 07, 2015

How to remove Behavior:Win32/Leenstic.A

The internet has changed the way we perceive the world and technology has made us more advanced than ever before, bringing the whole world into the palm of our hands. But since we have become so digitally dependent we are susceptible to malware attack that can steal our confidential information from our computers. Behavior:Win32/Leenstic.A is one such threat that since its detection on the 29th of July 2015 it has managed to corrupt computers all over the world.

The threat is usually downloaded into computer systems by other pre-existing malware like Backdoor:Win32/Leenstic.A etc. Once in the system it places copies of itself in to c:\documents and settings\administrator\application data\764287.exe and slowly goes on to corrupt the Windows registry files like mciwave.dll, mfAACEnc.dll, Microsoft.Build.Framework.dll and migcore.dll etc. It then creates corrupted entries in the registry in subkey HKLM\SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows\ Current Version\ Run, sets the value InstallShield Update Service, so that ever time when the computer starts it starts running too, undetected, making it vital for users to find a way for Behavior:Win32/Leenstic.A removal.

So how to detect and remove Behavior:Win32/Leenstic.A when it uses code injection to hide. If there are changes in the way applications like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Adobe Photoshop etc are behaving, like as soon as they are started, the computers crash with a BSOD and the error code being Stop 0x000000F4 then the computer is infected.

The threat should be removed immediately using the advanced Behavior:Win32/Leenstic.A removal tool, that is Hit Malware, which will not only detect all the copies of the malware running in the system but it will make sure that the malware which downloaded this one in the first place is removed too. It will then form a shiled against all potential threats and keep the computer protected at all times.

Click on the button below to download Behavior:Win32/Leenstic.A removal tool - Hit Malware.

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