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Sep 1, 2016

How to remove Backdoor:Win32/Shesmi.A

Backdoor:Win32/Shesmi.A is a Trojan that has been infecting computers since the 8th of September 2015 and is still an evolving virus that is constantly adapting and changing its name to Suspicious.MH690 or BKDR_AGENT.SMC etc. The threat is capable of infecting computer systems with the help of hacked websites and spam emails that have attachments in them regarding a certain money prize that you have won or downloadable files. The moment the attachment is opened the Trojan downloads into the computer system and starts infecting the executable files in the computer.

The Trojan can create files like %TEMP%\ftp-server.exe and %TEMP%\servere.exe in the Windows registry and mutexes so that only one copy of the Trojan is detectable at one time. Because it uses code injection to hide in plain sight Backdoor:Win32/Shesmi.A removal is a very difficult thing to do. Once it has created the corrupted files it will inject codes into running processes and cause major errors with programs and applications.

Once in the system the threat will allow backdoor access to the computer, to hackers, who can then download other malware like TrojanSpy: Win32/Banker.AOT or

TrojanSpy: Win32/Banker.AOS which will then steal confidential banking passwords, credit card information or even social security numbers, thus making you a victim of money and identity theft. The threat can also delete important files, lock them or just lock you out of your own computer by stealing your Microsoft Outlook password and you need to find a way to remove Backdoor:Win32/Shesmi.A, before it does that.

The use of an advanced Backdoor:Win32/Shesmi.A removal tool is recommended because not only will it remove all the copies of the Trojan hiding in the computer but make sure that all the other viruses downloaded by it are removed too. It will also act like a shield both online and offline and protect the computer against any future threats.

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