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Dec 30, 2015

How to remove Backdoor:Win32/Bedep.A

Nobody likes it when in the middle of playing a game or browsing the internet the dreaded malware warning pops up on the computer saying that the computer is infected and the more a computer is kept online the more chances there are of it being attacked by malware like Backdoor:Win32/Bedep.A which is an old threat that has been infecting Windows operating systems. It will enter the computer undetected and slip into the Windows registry and go on to corrupt the registry.

The malware belonging to the Win32/Bedep family is capable of letting hackers gain a backdoor access to computers who can then download other malware into the system which can log keystroke data and send that information to the hackers. This will allow them steal personal passwords of emails, banking accounts and other information like credit card details. The threat can simply connect to a remote host and take instructions from hackers and lock important files in a computer and crash applications. Backdoor:Win32/Bedep.A removal thus becomes a matter of top priority for the protection of confidential data and information.

The threat is basically a corrupted DLL that can be loaded into the computer by other malware like Exploit:JS/Axpergle. The malware is capable of being installed without creating any new files or it can also be written to the disc as a 32 bit DLL. After being installed into the computer it will connect to the domains like:- blrndbpidwnxbgj.com, aohevoloaozrkak10.com, dsricnohtnwbium.com, emxgyboesbodszr6t.com, ewhvktipgdwdhcxfv.com, exrhmkumgbuhq2g.com, ggtjcszgresakw.com, hnrmdcvwza0m.com, hppzynkovgjpth.com, iwgqqmayowal.com, iyoxkwiwdvt6a.com, npbwstpnlqnrejm.com, oyrqilsgusdcdvc4.com, plwqwnzyigp7h.com, qysbxunmocpablwqmc.com, ynecbggcxu4x.com and yrmbqqncmsevoxnoh.com. The threat can then download other malware from the Win32/Dofoil, Win32/Ursnif and Win32/Zemot families of malware which in turn will allow cyber criminals to exploit personal information and data and users will need to remove Backdoor:Win32/Bedep.A without any delay.

But since the threat uses code injection to hide it is best to use an updated Backdoor:Win32/Bedep.A removal tool like VSKSoft Anti- Virus which will detect the virus and remove it thus ending its connection with the hackers and blocking them from gaining entry to personal computers.

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