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Free Virus, Spyware and Malware Removal Software.

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  • Multiple Virus Scans

    Multiple Virus Scans

    Hit Malware provides multiple virus scan options to its users, which include full scan, quick scan and custom scan. And it just takes a few minutes to finish the virus checkup for all hard disks in your computer.

  • Application Repair

    Application Repair

    Unlike other anti virus software programs, Hit Malware can repair the virus-infected applications to solve PC taking high CPU / Memory usage and slow PC performance.

  • Real-Time Monitor

    Real-Time Monitor

    Hit Malware provides real time protection for your home or small business PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.

  • Browser Protection

    Browser Protection

    While browsing the Internet, Hit Malware prevents your home page and browsers from being maliciously changed, and at the same time protects your private data including bank accounts, passwords, credit card numbers, etc.

Why Choose * Hit Malware

With ever changing realm of individual and small business needs, there is no denying the over-dependence on Internet. Look around. People and companies alike are constantly seeking help online to provide them with tools to win and succeed. However, as devices turn smarter, online threats have only managed to evolve on newer fronts. Traditional security systems that once did the job nice and easy, doesn’t stand a chance to fight PC threats that are now more diversified and sophisticated. This calls for an all round protection, that is powerful and beneficial in equal measures. Introducing, Hit Malware – A complete solution for all virus and malware threats.

Faster, lighter and Powerful

Unlike traditional virus removal tools that significantly react against known threats, Hit Malware offers an all round protection in identifying security issues that falls right outside the signature based database. Extremely easy to install, it works quietly in the background without interrupting the work of a user and continues to deliver superior real-time protection. Additionally, it also employs early filtration techniques that help in easy detection of spyware threats. Unlike other system dependent antivirus solution, Hit Malware has been specifically designed to be light-weight so as to use minimal system resources while still offering security and protection for all PC users.

A never-experienced-before web security

With Hit Malware, one is guaranteed to secure their personal and business needs while staying protected against one and all types of virus or malware threats. Once installed in your system, it displays safety ratings for every search engine results to ensure the web pages visited are safe. It also offers a real time check for any links exchanged via social media platforms like Face book and Twitter. Additionally, it also guards against your sensitive information while performing an ecommerce transaction. With Hit Malware, you are rest assured to experience the very best of identity theft protection as it quickly recognizes pre-installed software applications that might have been displaying erratic behaviour or early symptoms of being infected.

A new age, easy-to-use and economic protection plan

Highly customizable and easy to use, security deployment and management for your personal and business network is extremely easy with Hit Malware. Moreover, compared to other security programs, it comes at an affordable price and offers a 14 day trial version that lets you download the software for free. Developed under the supervision of security experts from all parts of the world, Hit Malware has been engineered to combat any unforeseen internet threats troubling your PC along with inherent problems that crop up from time to time. An award winning security research lab that works with huge samples of viruses and malwares collected from various sources, Hit Malware is better suited to any other spyware removal tool available in the market.

Less frustration, more freedom

An anti virus system should be able to offer maximum liberty to embrace and work alongside every single opportunity that is available online. Building on the same note, Hit Malware presents before a comprehensive protection plan that helps in smooth running of an user PC, no matter what the ill or the odds are. With an award winning technology that offers real time protection against any emerging threats, Hit Malware constantly adapts to your PC surroundings picking on usage data in order to offer enhanced protection, each day. However, one should make sure to uninstall any existing malware removal program before installing Hit Malware, as this may result in conflict which could significantly impact a user PC.

Why Hit Malware is the best choice

  • Automatic Security Updates along with effective monitoring and reporting.
  • Superb centralized configuration for effective enforcement of security policies.
  • End point protection for all personal and business needs.