Jun 11, 2015

How to repair fmodex64.dll problems

Windows Error FMODEX64.DLL occurs when you frequently run heavy multimedia programs, such the Witcher 2, Heroes of the Storm, Dwarf Fortress or Dying Light. This article should help you repair the problem both manually and automatically.

Fmodex64.dll is a Dynamically Linked Library File associated with third-party software, like Hellgate London Collectors Edition to run video and audio device drivers on Windows computers. fmodex64 dll helps run multimedia programs usually on Windows 8.1, 8 and 7 OS.

Common Causes of Fmodex64.dll Error Messages

PC gamers often complain about getting a FMODEX64 DLL has stopped Working / crash / missing error while opening or playing the video game. DLL Errors often appear at startup and shutdown of a software program.

If you are receiving "Fmodex64.dll has stopped working" / is missing / crash error, you are probably playing a video game like Dwarf Fortress, Witcher 2, Dying Light or Heroes of the Storm on your Windows PC.

Sometimes when the DLL file is installed in the wrong directory, you see a "Bad Image" error or the DLL file "is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error." The Bad Image error is caused by a corrupt dll file and it should be replaced after running a full system scan.

1. Broken registry keys or many invalid entries exist.
2. Virus, malware, adware or Trojan has damaged the dll file.
3. Outdated graphics card driver(s).
4. Hardware malfunction.
5. Some antivirus software can block games installation.

How to Fix Fmodex64.dll Error

This DLL file is used to run the popular video games on Windows. The game installer may get blocked by a few anti-viruses running in the background. To avoid the Fmodex64.dll Avast error, turn off your antivirus and then reinstall the Dwarf Fortress, Witcher 2 or Dying Light Game. If this fails, there are more error fixing options outlined below:

STEP 1: Run SFC/Scannow (from command prompt): A corrupt dll file should be found with the default sfc tool. It replaces the dll file throwing the "bad image" error.
STEP 2: Driver Updates: Try to re-install them by using the DVD that comes with the software when you purchased it. Then reboot your computer normally.
STEP 3: Run Drivers Diagnostics: The Microsoft website gives this free tool that is a web-based driver-update system for Windows, so you can only need to download and replace the relevant drivers with compatible updates or patches.
STEP 4: Correct Improper Installation: You can carefully move the DLL file to its proper location such as the Game directory. Copy it to the C:\Program Files\Game\System folder.

It is risky to try to fix PC errors by yourself. You may not install drivers that match your hardware or system requirements. Unless you are a certified professional, you should not attempt to fix the dll error by yourself. You may not permanently fix your game error and wind up with more serious errors instead! To avoid this it is best to use a compatible, reliable and robust fmodex64.dll download to easily fix the bad image, missing and crash errors safely and effectively. Download Max Utilities to fix your Windows 8, 7, XP or Vista registry errors automatically and give you a faster, error-free PC.

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