User Experience Improvement Program

Vsksoft invites you to join our User Experience Improvement Program designed to help us better understand your need and thus improve our product and service.

  • The data collected through the Program is completely anonymous, never including your name, address or any other personally identifying information. You can uncheck the box before "Join the User Experience Improvement Program" under the Settings tab of the product you've installed.
  • The users participating in the Program will only submit data on the usage of Vsksoft products and services. This specifically includes: (1) Data on the button or the area clicked, options chosen, product version, product performance, product used time, update, etc. to help us correctly judge the priority of each feature and determine optimization direction; (2) Data when Vsksoft cannot be used or takes too many system resources due to its incompatibility with the operating system or other software to help us analyze abnormal product operation and improve its compatibility with different system environment, thus improving product experience; (3) Error log when the product has an unexpected error or crash to help us locate the bug or crash cause, thus improving product quality.
  • The statement is subject to change with notice on the Vsksoft official page. You can remove yourself from the Program if you don't agree with the changed provisions. You are supposed to accept the change if you don't withdraw within 15 days after the notice of the change. Vsksoft suggests you check the statement regularly to keep up with the User Experience Improvement Program.

The liability exemption and limitation above is limited to the permission by law. It is presumed by Vsksoft and agreed by you that you've carefully read over and totally agreed with the statement when you join the User Experience Program.