Was to fix the 0x800c0005 net framework 4 errors

When it comes to solving the 0x800c0005 net framework 4 errors, the tools that are abundantly found free of cost, generally fail to yield the desired results. The users need to turn to the best tools that are specially designed to solve these problems. What are those troubles, which demand the intervention of the best tools? Here are some of them.

Unable to install .NET Framework version 4.0

There are times when some people are not able to install .NET Framework 4.0. Whenever they try to install the Microsoft software framework on Windows 7 64 bits, they get an error message. The message says installation of .NET Framework has failed. Alongside, it also returns an error code 0x800c0005. Besides, a message also says that the system has encountered a fatal error during installation.

This happens when certain critical dynamic link library files or .DLL files are incorrectly registered in the Windows registry. Or it may so happen that a firewall has not allowed HTTPS (SSL) to set up internet connectivity. This is a typical 0x800c0005 Net Framework 4 error. This is best solved by the tools of rectification that are specifically meant for this purpose. The elementary tools of rectification generally fail to solve the issues like this.

Xbox Music issues

The ones with Windows XP find that they are not able to run streaming music on Xbox Music Pass. Whenever they try to run the music files, they get error 0x800c0005 code. This happens every time they try to stream or play any music file.

This again happens when certain critical DLL files like NPNXCatcher(Audio).dll, 7zxa.dll are either missing or not found. This also happens when the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE of Microsoft Windows Current Version of Audio registry key is either rendered invalid by any malware or virus, or has gone in conflict with any 3rd party application tool. This is another typical 0x800c0005 Net Framework 4 error that put the users in real rough waters.

The best tool to solve the issues

In all these circumstances and many more, the best tool that these users can opt for is 0x800c0005 error repair software. It is a tool specifically developed to fix these Net Framework 4 related issues.