Deal wisely with the problems with 0x24 (0x1904fb

If the users are asked about the most fatal issue on the computer, they all might point at the crash on blue screen of death or BSOD. This is the most awful situation where the users can be stuck with the application or program whichever they are running and the system can go totally blue including error codes written in white. Among the error codes, the 0x24 (0x1904fb can be the one to be come up in this situation. Some genuine problems of the users are jotted down here for better understanding.

BSOD on several programs

Evan, the user of Windows 7 had started getting issues with the blue screen of death on his computer screen. The loading issue is the one which he used to get in his machine with the performance of Bit Defender. The same problems also used to pop up while accessing the Task Manager. He ran SFC scanning and the Antivirus as well but was not helped with the two and the error code 0x24 (0x1904fb used to pop up on the computer screen repeatedly.

Bad image or invalid image

While loading the Operating System also the problem used to take place on the computer screen with the error message. Clara is the owner of the computer who had upgraded the same with Windows 8.1. After the same, the Operating System could not be started up and a failed message appeared. The error code with 0x24 the failure loading message used to come up on the screen whenever the start-up got stuck.

How to troubleshoot?

The users who used to face these issues or the similar ones were all suggested to get the 0x24 (0x1904fb removal tool as the solution. With the installation of tool, all of them have can remove the problems with the error code 0x24 (0x1904fb.