How to deal with Xbox video error 0xc00d1126

The error code 0xc00d1126 usually appears with Xbox video application. But it can be seen while doing any other thing on the PC as well. This article will tell about this error code related problems. The users can follow this write up, it they want a proper solution method.

Unable to play any video

Users often may get error while trying to watch any video using Xbox application. At the time of opening any video, the users may notice Xbox video error 0xc00d1126 code. This error may come every time the users try to play any video. This type of error generally appears due to the corruption of video driver file. To sort out the problem, it is essential to repair the corrupted file which is causing this error. An error repair software tool will help in this regard.

Problem in Windows Store

Customers of Windows 10 often report that they are unable to use Windows Store. Whenever they try to access Windows Store, it shows the error code 0xc00d1126. They are unable to find out the actual reason for this error, as they are novice in the usage of computer. Such errors may take place when Windows Store is not updated or has any corrupted files. Windows trouble-shooter process does not help to solve the error. That is why, they are looking for help.

Game related issue

Sometimes, the users encounter the same error code, whenever they try to play any video game like League of Legends on the PC. Due to this error, they may be unable to play their favourite video game. This issue can take place, due to the outdated DirectX. To fix this issue, users need to update the DirectX. If even after the update, the issue is not resolved, then there must be some other reason that they need to find out.

The solution for all

To repair Xbox video error 0xc00d1126 or other system errors, users can install a 0xc00d1126 repair tool on the PC. This type of fixer tool not only helps to repair the errors, but also helps to bring back the old speed in the PC.