Remove faulty code 0x800c013e in Windows Live

Many types of issue can show up on your system. Such issues may show the error code 0x800c013e Windows live mail. You must read this article if you are facing such error codes.

Error messages while sending E-Mails:

You might be using Windows Live mail for sending and receiving mails. Suddenly you may see that after typing the mail and entering all the necessary fields, you are unable to send an email. The issue may show the error code 0x800c013e in Windows Live mail. However, when you go to the sent box, you may see that the email has been sent. You may try to remove and reconfigure your email account. Such an issue might be caused due to the presence of temp files in the system. You may not be able to send emails due to some errors in the application. This issue may show up after you have conducted an upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1.

Unable to install Windows Live Essentials:

While trying to install Windows Live Essentials, you may see an issue. The process might show you the error code 0x80040c2a or the code 0x800c013e Windows Live. The operating system installed on your PC might be Windows 7 Pro x64 bit. The error may show the term 'wait for catalo'. There might be no issues in downloading any other applications. To get rid of the issue you may install all the necessary updates of Windows and uninstall all the Windows Live essentials programs that are stored in the system. You can also temporarily turn off the security software installed on the system and then try to install it.

The method of troubleshooting:

To get rid of the issues that have been discussed in this article you must install a suitable tool. The error code 0x800c013e in Windows Live can be eliminated if you use a '0x800c013e fixing tool.' This tool is effective in solving all issues related to the system.