What to do when receiving error 0x800ccc0b Outlook?

Many error codes can appear on your system. You may see that you are receiving error 0x800ccc0b in Microsoft Office Outlook. To resolve such type of issues you will have to go through this article.

Error on receiving mail:

You may face an error while using Microsoft Office Outlook 2010. You may even encounter that you are receiving error 0x800ccc0b in Microsoft Office Outlook while using it just for few minutes. This error may be seen on POP3 server. This error code may show when you are receiving any mail. To stop this hassle, you may try removing and reading the email account. To get rid of the errors you may also reinstall the email application. This type of problems might appear on a Windows Vista Pro machine. This type of issue may appear if there is any corruption in the application. It may also appear because of too much cache memory.

.NET Framework problems:

The system might report an error while you are trying to install .NET Framework 4.5. You may see an error message that may state that the wrong diskette is in the drive. It may also show you the error code 0x800ccc0b along with the term 'installation failed'. Such type of errors might be because of some corruption within the system. You may try to clear the temp files of the system and check if the hassles are solved. There might also be some compatibility issues which may result in the occurrence of the error code. This type of errors may show up while you are using the Windows Vista 32 bits Operating System.

What to do?

The above-mentioned errors can appear randomly on your system. It is therefore important to keep a tool that can stop the problems. You will have to use 0x800ccc0b Microsoft Office Outlook receiving error fix tool. This tool is easily available and can sort out all the errors of the system.