What can we do to stop 0x800ccc6c error?

We may have to deal with some different types of troubles while using the system. The issues may appear randomly on the system while trying to send an email. We may have to encounter the error 0x800ccc6c while trying to install Microsoft updates. Such type of issues is explained as follows.

Failure in sending mails:

While using the mailing application Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, we may receive an error. The system might show us the error code 0x800ccc6c. The system may report this error while we are trying to send some emails. This error may sometimes appear on the system while we use Windows Vista as the Operating System. Such an error code may appear when we try to send an email to many recipients. Such a problem can be because of the presence of cache memory. We may try to reinstall the application and notice if the error is resolved. However, the problems might remain.

Microsoft Update issues:

The Operating System installed on our system might be Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3. We may try to install some updates such as KB2691442, KB2699988, KB2655992 and KB2718704 from Microsoft updates. All the updates mail fail and show the error code 0x8007001F. We may also see the error code 0x800ccc6c code at the middle of the process. We may be able to install some other updates, but these updates fail continuously. To stop this kind of error we may reset the Windows update components. We may also try to set the computer in a clean boot state and then try to install the updates. However, the troubles may not resolve even after the attempt.

What can be the solution?

Such troubles are common and they can be easily eliminated with the help of a tool. We may use a 0x800ccc6c error repair tool and see that the issues are no longer appearing on the system. This tool will also assist in optimizing the PC.