Solving the error 0x800ccc0e code

One of the most often used applications in any Windows-based PC is Microsoft Office Suite. This suite hosts various programs like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, etc. that caters to the different need of different users. Sometimes these applications run into various errors due to some reasons and end up functioning in an improper way. The error 0x800ccc0e in Microsoft Outlook 2007 is an example of such errors. Let's consider some issues that the users face due to it:

Problems in sending emails on Microsoft Outlook 2007:

Sometimes, user face issues in sending emails through Microsoft Outlook 2007. A user named Joseph faces such issues while using this application. He uses a system with Windows XP operating system and has Microsoft Outlook 2007 as the email client. On random occasions, the email client would be unable to send an email with or without an attachment. The issue would produce errors like 0x800CCC0F or 0x800ccc0e on Microsoft Outlook 2007. Joseph updated his Windows and Microsoft Office 2007 in his PC. But that did not help in solving the issue.

Problems in Skype:

Sometimes an error makes it difficult for the application like Skype to work correctly. One user named James Jones had a computer from HP Pavilion Elite series. The operating system for the system was Windows Vistas. James faced BSOD when he tried to make a video conference call over Skype along with 0x800ccc0e. He has never faced such an issue on his computer and was quite surprised by it. To solve the error James updated the graphics drivers installed in the system and did a clean removal and re-installation of the Skype. But that did not help him much.

Correction of the error:

To rectify the error in Microsoft Outlook 2007, the above-mentioned user can use '0x800ccc0e' repair tool for Microsoft related applications which is able to clean such errors in no time. This tool also protects the users' privacy by deleting the browser history and cookies available in the system, so that the websites and advertisers cannot detect the user online browsing behaviour.