Removing the 0x800ccc6f error code in Windows Mail

Windows Mail is an email client from Microsoft. This application helps the user in sending and receiving emails. This application is a very popular among its users and it does its work in a seamless way. However, due to some external reasons this application sometimes runs into errors and cannot do with its best performance.

Here are some issues faced by the Windows Mail due to 0x800ccc6f error:

1. The issue with Windows Mail:

One user had Windows Vistas operating system installed on his PC. He used the Windows Mail application for sending and receiving emails. One-day due to some unknown issues, the user was unable to send or receive emails and the computer prompted the error 0x800ccc6f on Windows Mail. To solve the issue, he removed and reinstalled the application on the computer but that did not help him much. Someone on the internet suggested that this issue might be due to some interference caused by the antivirus software and disabling the same could solve the issue. The user disabled the antivirus but still, he was unable to communicate through the Windows Mail application.

2. Issues of BSOD during gaming session:

A Windows 7 user had a laptop from Toshiba. While playing the game Minecraft on the laptop, the system would face BSOD and then restart. An outdated driver file like Rtlh64.sys and NETw5s64.sys present in the laptop may have caused the issue but the user was not sure about it.

Removing the errors permanently:

To correct the error in Windows Mail, the users can use good 0x800ccc6f error fix software for the same. This application can correct the errors from the PC in no time and can prevent such errors from happening in the future. Also, it speeds up the computer during start-up by disabling the unused bulky programs that run in the background of the system. Thus, this application is the go-to software for all error cleaning needs.