Methods of fixing 0x800ccc6a Windows mail error

The error code 0x800ccc6a might appear in Windows mail application while sending any email. The issue can happen due to virus or malware attack or any corruption in Windows registry. When the error code appears on the screen it crashes the active programs and causes various other issues in the PC as well. It can make PC sluggish and can cause random freezing. To know how to troubleshoot the issue, go through the article.

Unable to send mail from Windows live mail

Sometimes due to error code 0x800ccc6a Windows mail users might face issue in sending emails. There might be no issue in receiving the mail but only while sending. The issue might happen randomly. Sometimes messages can be easily sent while other times an error message might appear on screen saying that the "An unknown error has occurred. Requested action aborted; Local processing error. "To fix the issue users can download error fixing software from the verified site.

Random blue screen in Windows 7

Users can face random blue screen error in their PC after doing clean installation of Windows 7 in their PC. The blue screen might appear with 0x800ccc6a error code. The issue can be caused by faulty driver or some software conflict. A proper troubleshooting is needed to eradicate the errors from the core.

Windows 8 boot up issue

Sometimes Windows might fail to start after boot. The issue can happen if all the software is not updated. To fix the issue users can restore the PC to the earlier point. After the restore point, the PC might work perfectly fine but as soon as the computer is turned off the issue might return.

Way to solve the problem.

The best way to solve this problem is by downloading 0x800ccc6a Windows mail error repair tool. This software can easily resolve the issue and keep the PC safe and secure.