How to remove 0x800ccc6f from Outlook Express?

Outlook Express is an email application that can sometimes show an error to its users. The users may receive the error code 0x800ccc6f in Outlook Express or while trying to upgrade the Operating System. All such types of hassles have been discussed in detail in this write up.

Error 554 notification:

As seen by a user, Teresa May from California, an error code shows up while sending emails. She has been trying to send a newsletter using Outlook Express to many recipients. The process completed 80% and then failed with an error message. The error message has shown the code 0x800ccc6f in Outlook Express and it stated that an unknown error has occurred. After this issue, she is no longer able to send any more emails. She has also seen server error 554 along with the mentioned code. The error may be because of too many recipients on the mail. She has tried breaking down the number of receivers to stop the hassles. She has also changed the SMTP port, but the problem remains the same.

Upgrading issue:

There might exist some errors in upgrading the Operating System. Rob Brown from Iceland, has been trying to upgrade the operating system to Windows 10 from Windows 7. However, he has failed. The system has shown the error code 80240031. Sometimes it has also shown the error code 0x800ccc6f that when the upgrade process is stuck and shown that there is some error. The process has reached up to 99% and then failed. To stop this kind of issue, he disconnected all the unnecessary external devices. Such an issue might be due to corrupted system files. It may also be due to corrupted Windows entries.

The required troubleshooting:

The errors in the system can be as frequent as possible. To treat the error code, the users may have to use a 0x800ccc6f repair software for Outlook Express. This software is easily available and helpful in protecting the PC besides solving all hassles.