How to fix 0x800ccc6a Windows live mail?

Different types of issues may show up on the system and it may show the same error code. The users may have to face the error code 0x800ccc6a while using Windows Live mail. It may also splash while installing Windows update.

Error codes on mailing:

The users might see a problem while using Windows live mail. They may encounter that the application is generating the error code 0x800ccc6a on Windows live mail. Such an error may appear while the user is using Windows Vista Home Premium on the machine. The users may perceive this error code when trying to send emails. To get rid of the troubles, they may remove the account from the system, reboot the system and try to add it back. They might also disable the anti-virus program that scans the email. Such an error might cause because of cache memory or it can also take place because of temp files in the system.

Windows update error:

The users may face troubles while trying to update Windows on their system. The users may receive the error code 0x80070002 or the code 0x800ccc6a while the users are trying to see if any updates are available. To stop this problem the users may use the Windows Update Diagnostic tool. However, when the tool stops running, they may also witness that the tool is not able to fix the issues with the error code 0x80070003. This type of problem might appear when the vital component that is required for installing Windows update, is disabled on the system. The user may also check if the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) is disabled or not. However, if even after enabling all these the error persists, then a professional tool is needed to get rid of the issue.

Fixing the troubles:

To stop the issues that may show an error code, the users will have to use an appropriate tool. The users must use a 0x800ccc6a Windows Live mail error repair tool. This tool will stop all hassles and ensure to give a boost to the PC.