How to avoid error 0x800ccc6a on Outlook 2003

There are various kinds of difficulties that people often must face at the time of using a computer. The problems may emerge when they try to access their emails or these may come up when they are using any other application.

Error 0x800ccc6a is seen on Outlook 2003 besides other applications. The problems are varied but the solution is simple.

Sending email fails:

Some people encounter a problem while sending an email via Outlook 2003. This complication arises with those who use Windows Vista with Service Pack 2 installed. They can run the anti-virus software and discover that there are no possible threats. Still, at the time of sending an email, they are faced with the error 0x800ccc6a on Outlook 2003.

Along with the error number, there is also an error message that says the outgoing Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP has encountered an error. But at the same time, there is no problem while receiving an email.

Incapable of installing Microsoft updates:

A few people say that they cannot install the updates that are offered by Microsoft on their system. The problem takes place on Windows XP. Whenever the people try to install the updates they get the error code 0x800ccc6a appearing on their monitor.

Contacts cannot be added on Skype:

Some companies use Skype for interconnecting the employees. The workers can create a username using their official email account details. After that, they can just add other employees in their contacts. But sometimes adding the contacts fail. The invitation sent to the other person remains pending.

Having the right solution:

If a person is facing any of the above-mentioned troubles then he must think about getting it solved. To solve the complications, he may try some manual process. Instead of trying to troubleshoot the problems if he installs the dedicated 0x800ccc6a repairing software then he can easily remove the error from occurring on Outlook 2003 and other applications.