Fixing error code 0x800ccc6c and other issues in Exchange

While using Outlook Express and other email clients, users face many complications which they need to solve in the initial stages. By installing some of the effective tools, they will be able to get rid of the issues. It is important that they should have some prior knowledge about the error codes and one such could be error code 0x800ccc6c that comes with Outlook Exchange and other applications.

Email cannot be sent to multiple recipients:

Users encountered complications when they tried to send important emails to a group of approximately 80 persons. Whenever users selected a multiple recipient, they failed to send the email. With the error code 0x800ccc6c in Outlook Exchange, the error message notified that the outgoing email server or SMTP reported an internal error due to which they were unable to send the emails. Due to this problem in the main server, the error code continued to show up. Since, they exceeded the minimum number of senders they were obstructed from sending the email.

Unable to install Google Chrome:

On a Windows 10 Technical Preview installed laptop, users also faced issues after downloading Google Chrome. The issue became specific, when they tried to run the chrome setup.exe file and they were unable to initiate the set-up process. Users also performed a clean boot and then tried to run the setup files again, but failed to complete the process. Since 0x800ccc6c error code continued to show up, it could be comprehended that the downloaded files became corrupted, due to which the users were unable to run the setup process smoothly.

Fetching for the ultimate solution:

If users want to fix error codes and one such being fatal error code that comes up in relation to discussed application and other programs as well, they must install a good tool. To name one such tool, it could be 0x800ccc6c error code repair software for Outlook Express. This tool would help in rectifying the mentioned problems easily.