Best way of getting rid of 0x800cc0d outlook 2010 error

Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook can show 0x800cc0d code when they fail to connect to the server. The issue can happen due to various reasons, like due to network error, internet connection issue etc. Users might not be able to send mails due to this. Apart from affecting Outlook applications this error code can cause various issues with PC as well. Read the article to know more.

Error while sending attached mail

While sending any attached mail or photos via Microsoft Outlook 2010 you can come across error code 0x800cc0d. After the error code appears the mail might fail to send and you can get an error message saying that the 'connection to server has lost'. The error can happen randomly. It is very much important to fix the errors from the core.

Random app crash in Windows XP

You can face random application crash in your Windows XP PC. The issue can happen after recent Windows update. The apps can crash with error code 0x800cc0d. The issue is mostly caused due to driver issue. You can run memtest to find the exact cause and try to resolve the issue manually. But manual method may not be that effective so you can download a professional tool instead.

Windows 10 PC runs slow after the upgrade

After upgrading your Windows 7 PC to Windows 10 you can find it to be slow and sluggish. The standard way of resolving the issue is by doing the clean re-installation of the Windows. However, sometimes, you may notice that such an endeavour also becomes futile if the error is much severe.

Way to resolve the problem

The best way to resolve the error is by downloading 0x800cc0d error fixing software with Outlook 2010. This tool fixes all the error efficiently and maximizes PC's performance.