Troubleshooting method of 0x0000009f error

The error code 0x0000009f is also knows as Driver Power State Failure error and generally appears during Windows start up. The main cause for the appearance of this error can be attributed to misconfigured and outdated driver. Driver related issue can happen due to various reasons like system update error, disk error, windows update error etc. This article can provide better insight into the issue.

Blue Screen error in Windows 7

You can experience frequent blue screen with DRIVER_POWER_STATE_Failure and 0x0000009F error in your Windows 7 PC. Because of this error your PC can become sluggish and unresponsive especially during startup and shut down. On using Blue screen viewer, you will get to know that the main cause of the issue is ntoskrnl.exe file. You can analyze the crash dump file to understand the issue better.

Since this issue is related to device driver you can run the Driver Verifier Program from within Windows 7 to identify issues with Windows driver.

Error while playing games in Windows Vista

While playing any Microsoft games in Windows Vista PC, blue screen with stop error 0x0000009F can occur. The error can happen irrespective of which browser you are using. Blue screen can happen from three to seven times in a day.

This kind of error happens if the driver fails to handle the power state properly. You can try to fix the issue manually by running chkdsk and SFC scan or rebooting the PC in safe mode. If that doesn't work then you can do System Restore. However, it is not suggested to try to resolve sensitive PC issue manually as it might lead to further complications.

DRIVER_POWER_STATE_Failure in Windows XP

Sometimes it happens that when you try to shut down Windows XP PC, it won't shut down instead it would simply start going through some process. At the end of this process DRIVER_POWER_STATE_Failure error and Blue screen with 0x0000009F error would occur. After this occurs the only way to come out of this problem is by shutting down the laptop manually by holding the power button.

This kind of issue generally occurs due to device driver problem. On analyzing the bug check you will find that the cause of the issue is RTKVHDA.sys which is Realtek(r) High Definition Audio Function Driver. To fix the problem you can update the Realtek driver.

Mouse gets unresponsive in Dell laptop

Mouse stops working abruptly in Dell XPS laptop. You will notice that the issue generally happens during startup, in the middle of a mouse command and during sleep mode. The issue will persist until you restart the machine. However, the restart process will not complete and you will be directed to blue screen error. BSOD won't happen during normal start up, but only while restarting the PC after mouse failure.

Troubleshooting method

To troubleshoot 0x0000009F related error you need to download Max Utilities in your PC. This is a PC optimizer tool that serve the dual purpose of fixing error and keeping the PC safe from various kinds of malware issues.