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April 23, 2015

Windows Optimizer Free Download

The reason for you to be here is mainly because you are searching for windows optimizer which is totally free. Before you read further, you need to learn a few important things. Microsoft terminated their own registry cleaners such as RegMAid and RegClean. The hot topic of discussion here is do the windows optimizer make a computer virus free, the fact is that this one and registry cleaners are one of the widely used Windows software. Start with the free trial, and if you are satisfied by the enhanced experience of your free download then you can move ahead and download optimizer pro. After continuous hard-work of our dedicated software developers we have come up with this software to eliminate all types of Trojan, malwares and virus from your Windows 7 computer.

What is Windows Optimizer Virus?
Windows optimizer.exe is categorized as the Trojan horse virus which can spot all the windows based system. Once it gets itself installed on your machine, it auto activates itself through the registry to the startup items to edit/modify your default computer settings. This virus makes your computer highly vulnerable for other computer virus like Trojan, rouge programs, worms, browser hijacker redirect virus, etc. to attack. The longer it remains on your system, the more malware or spyware will attack and harm your computer.
In order to keep their machines in top condition Windows users apply this utility apart from registry cleaners. Well who doesn't want his/her Windows PC to be running in top condition. I wouldn't refrain you from using tips to make Windows run faster, but my favourite have always been using a Registry Cleaner or a Windows 7 Optimizer free download to keep my computer running smoothly. The free edition will help you to clean up your Windows registry, obsolete files, cookies and history, privacy data, cache etc – and allows you to use some tools to let you manage your start-up programs.

With The Free Edition or Trial Version you will be able to:
•Automatically clean your Windows registry.
•Detect and delete unnecessary history data, MRU, etc.
•Automatically scan and fix various kinds of registry errors, like broken file references.
•Remove temporary and junk files.

The pro version is fully integrated freeware suite of utilities that allows you to fine-tune every facet of your computer's Windows operating system and Web browser (such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari etc.) including cleaning your hard disk and registry.
It is a free optimisation suite for registry cleaner and an optimization tool that allows you to successfully optimize the speed of your computer and make it run faster. It is an easy-to-use tool that is specifically designed to make your Windows operating computer perform faster. It also comes with backup option so that your valuable files can be restored when needed. It claims to solve all of your PC related problems.
It can be compared to a Swiss army knife, as it has over 20 computer tools in one place. The utilities consist of Disk Cleaner, Privacy Sweeper, Registry Cleaner, Registry Defrag, Uninstaller, etc, to spot and fix computer problems. It will also thoroughly clean, optimize, repair, safeguard and totally control your Windows computer.
The software has many features, some key aspects are different from other major tools, like registry cleaning, option of uninstalling applications, few tweaks, backup option and many more:

Key Features Of Pro Version
•Registry Cleaner
•Cache Cleaner
•Cookie Cleaner
•Process Explorer
•Privacy Protection
•Backup Option
•Program Uninstaller
•Startup Manager
•Printing Option
•File Shredder
•Lots more…

This is not all, it is a cloud based software for Windows computers. It operates on cloud technology to decipher the software configuration of your PC and gives suggestions based on comprehensive research from IT professionals, technicians, and computer users from all over the world.
It wouldn't be wrong to say that this tool is a one click solution for all your computer problems including Registry cleanup, removing Windows junk files and orphaned shortcuts. It is a major boon when it comes to protecting your privacy as it does so by keeping installed browsers, programs and apps such as Windows Media Player, Flash Player, Google Toolbar, eMule, MS Office, WinRAR, Adobe Acrobat, WinZip, etc clean and virus free.
Well, this was all about this unique software from VSKsoft which is one of the most popular and highly recommended free Windows registry cleaning and optimization system utilities.

Click on the button below to download Max Utilities.

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