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April 17, 2015

How to remove viruses from my PC

Computer virus is a common term among all computer users. A virus is a badly written program that poses a security threat to the data stored in your personal computer. Some malware and viruses are so programmed such that they steal the personal information of the users of the computer devices. Also, they diminish the computer's performance significantly. Getting rid of such programs can be a bit tricky. But correct computing practice and the use of proper antivirus software helps a lot in preventing computers from getting infected at the first place. In case the system gets infected with malware and virus within limits then the software aid to remove virus from it.
The following are some of the steps that one can adopt in order to ensure that his or her system is free from malware or other such entities. The steps if taken properly also help to protect data that is stored in the computer and prevent data loss.

Take a back-up of your important data
If your personal computer is infected by a virus then you need to exhibit expediency in the removal of such malicious program before it damages your system. In this regard, it is important that you take is to take a back-up of your data. Once there is a back-up of all your important data, you can remove virus from PC. The very first step of such removal process is to format the PC. Once the PC is formatted, you can use the back-up and resume with your system with minimum wastage of time.

Check factors affecting the speed of your system
While doing a back-up, you need to check that other factors are not affecting your personal computer. Because every slow computer does not mean that it is infected with a malware or a virus. Slowness can be a result of issues pertaining to storage, memory, and other hardware devices. Often when the hard disk drives get too old then the system becomes slow. Such slow systems have the potentiality to corrupt files. Then it becomes imperative to replace the old, obsolete and outdated HDDs.

Install antivirus software
To get rid of malware and other virus like entities, it is important for you to install antivirus software. There is a number of such software that is available in the web. To remove virus free, use the free software. The free software provides only limited features to the users. On the contrary, the premium software provides all the features to the user. The user needs to purchase one such premium software online by making payments via the web. It is important that you as a user install only one program at a time.

Install anti-malware programs
Apart from antivirus software, you may need anti-malware software that fixes things that are not detected by the antivirus programs. There are a number of such programs that are available on the web. You only need one anti-malware program per computer. The use of more than one virus remover software or anti-malware programs inhibits the speed of the computer and therefore needs to be avoided. Using the virus removal software, scan your PC. Quarantine or fix the results that seem problematic. After using the virus removal program, scan the PC using the anti-malware program. Such software is capable of removing infections if any from your computer system.

Identify and Remove infected system processes
To remove a virus from your computer, virus remover download is a common practice. But the most challenging task, in this regard is to search for suspicious entries. There are software in this regard that when used can tell you if a process is legitimate or not. The processes that are malicious need to be removed. But prior to removal of the processes, they need to be checked thoroughly as removing or disabling real processes can lead to the improper functioning of the operating system.

Re-install OS software if required
If your computer operating software is infected with a virus program and you are finding it difficult to get rid of it then you can opt to re-install the operating system software to get things fixed. Many users of the computer use virus remover free. Such software is free of cost. If your computer is connected to the web then you can download them for free and install them in your machine.
For virus remover free download, you do not need to use any payment gateway. The download process is quite simple. But you need to know that such software have limited functionality and they do not give adequate protection to your personal computer. It is therefore prudent on the part of computer users to use premium antivirus software as it has all the features to keep your PC safe and secure.

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