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Jun 18, 2015

makecab.exe file fixer

Makecab.exe is Microsoft cabinet maker and an integral part of Microsoft Windows operating system. This file is typically placed in system folder of C drive, system32 for Windows operating system of 32 bits and syswow64 bits of windows operating system of 64 bits. This file has a definite file size of 57,344 bytes and supports cabinet files. It reserves arbitrary data and adopts some digital signature and related to self-extracting applications. Yet this is hidden file and normally located in system folder deleting or removing this one be obnoxious for system.

If makecab.exe multiple process keeps running this is considered as a high risk signature for computers. In windows 7 ultimate of 64 bits in a Lenovo laptop system this file was running and terminating after 30 seconds, even running malware protection software could not find anything. After updating the windows operating system and restarting the system a console Window appeared and stated that a cab file is crating and make_cab is running.

The next was related to the virus infection in the system. User was having system file error and failed to initialize trying to boot the system. In Windows XP this same problem was taking place and user was running system direct from CD without starting hard drive. CPU was on Linux via CD ROM, it was suggested in a forum to install Windows 2000. The same could not fix anything and later it was detected that during Windows update makecab.exe was virus infected.

Among lots of problem with this file another one was recorded as an important one that is high CPU usage. Every time laptop was booted it was showing that makecab.exe using high CPU in task manager. CPU usage was from 60% to 100% and it was making system slow severely, little tasks like internet browsing, using Calculator or accounting software like QuickBook Pro. Following the un-installation process in task manager had not solved the process as it is only a temporary one.

Another high CPU error was noticed in Windows 7 with 32 bits and makecab.exe trustedinstaller was permanently active. Usage of CPU keeps changing within seconds like 0% in 2 seconds to 50% in 10 seconds in a dual core processor.

There are few command lines available with this file, makecab.exe example of command lines are /L, /V, /D, /F etc., if errors are occurring to make a cabinet file there should be problems with the executable file itself. It could be corrupted or damaged, not compatible with Windows operating system version if that is upgraded.

Above mentioned situations are very few among lots of problems with this make-cab.exe file, this file should not be deleted and to fix makecab.exe download the Max Utilities can work magically. Max Utilities helps to reduce unwanted disc clog, cache files, cookies caught by Internet browsing, temporary files, optimize registry as well as Windows and enhances total speed of computer. System performance will improve dramatically once this program is run.

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