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Jun 18, 2015

ks.sys file fixer

The ks.sys is a library file in the Windows operating system. The sys extension suggests that it is a device driver. The file is important to the system software and therefore must not get deleted.

Error types

There may happen that the user has deleted the file. The file deletion may also be the result of installed applications. It is not at all recommended to do a download of the ks.sys file from known sources and use it in place of the missing sys file. Since the file is important for the OS like XP, Windows 7 to run therefore the user needs to fix the problem soon. He needs to perform a fresh installation of the operating system software.

The bsod issues related to the ks.sys file is observed when a user is using the skype application. The reason may be that the application is not properly installed, that it is incompatible with the OS software, attack of malicious programs causing damage to the files like ks.sys thereby creating the blue screen errors. There are manual methods of fixing the problem. The user can un-install the skype application and try to install a compatible version of the software. He can update the version of the antivirus software he is using.

Often BSOD like the BSOD before login with STOP error code 0x0000003B in Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system arises because of the presence of outdated driver files. If the user observes that the blue screen error is related to the file ks.sys then he can use any software tool to ensure that the driver software files being used are updated and compatible to the OS.

There are certain applications like the Windows Movie Maker, results in the freezing of the PC using operating system like Windows XP, Windows 7, and giving rise to BSOD issues. The problem is because of incompatible driver software. The user needs to update the sys files.

Display of error messages can also be due illegal entries in the system registry editor. There are tools that help the user to perform registry cleaning exercise. Cleaning the registry editor helps to enhance the system performance and speed.

Many problems are resolved using the sfc /scannow command. The command helps the user to check the integrity issues. If there are infected files present in the PC system then the command helps to get rid of them. The user can also use the Windows system restore tool that can reinstate the PC operating system to a previously defined value.

There appear BSOD error messages that may have direct relations with the system hard disk. The hard disk is the storage device that stores all the operating system files. Any defect in the HDD results in the display of such errors. If there are logical issues then the chkdsk /r command helps fix them. On the contrary if the issue is related to damage hard disk drive then the user needs to change the hardware.

Tackling ks.sys issues simplified using DLL Suite tool

The DLL Suite is an effective software tool that helps to resolve all important issues related to the ks.sys file. The product is available on the web. The user needs to download it from there and use it on a periodic basis.

Click on the button below to download DLL Suite.

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