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Jun 16, 2015

ks.sys blue screen BSOD error

BSOD or Blue Screen of Death: people who are acquainted with term, literally afraid of it. Suppose, you are opening your system and suddenly instead of the logged in message you get a blank screen with the solid colour of blue. You will not be able to perform anything on the screen, the mouse pointer will not work, and ctrl + F5 will also be futile in this case. This is called blue screen of death. Many factors can cause in your computer, one of the most common is the issues with the system files.

What is ks.sys?

System file are one of those files which helps in executing the program in the system. This one supports the exe files and the dll files as well. There are various system files which perform different tasks in your system. Ks.sys is used in the execution of service kernel CSA library for running the driver ndis.sys and HdAudio.sys. If problems take place in this file the system applications will face several issues.

Common problems with ks-sys:

Error while upgrading windows: While upgrading windows from store the error message of system service exception with 0xC1900101-Ox30018 is popping up on the screen. For the problem in ks.sys windows 8.1 users also get these error messages while downloading applications from windows store.

Problem with user account: One of the users say that she has two accounts in the system. One of the two is working fine but the other is getting problem. For ks.sys, BSOD in Windows 7 is faced by her while logging in with the account.

Missing file: This is one of the most common ones faced by several users in their system. While opening any system application they get the message that ks.sys is missing in the system and this is the reason why they cannot run the application in the system.

Windows is crashing: For the infection ks.sys by Rootkit people have encountered the sudden crash in windows. Rootkit is generally coded to hide the malicious process that has been running in your computer. It can cause problem in system file of ks which is followed by such problems.

Sleep mode: Users have found their system to go in sleep mode all of a sudden even when it is solely active. This may occur for the problem in ks-sys files as the service programs are run by this file. Fixation can solve the problem.

Fixation procedure

If you have got to know the reason of these behaviours in your system don't stress yourself brainstorming for the solution. DLL Suite is there to fix the system error for ks.sys in your system. This is an effective tool for the fixation of any DLL related issues. You can opt for the service by subscribing in the website which is simpler than anything. The service is prompt and economical at the same time. Provide them with the responsibility and wait take a chill pill.

Happy computing!

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