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Jun 18, 2015

hal.dll error repair tool

The hal.dll (hardware abstraction layer) is an important file of the operating system software. It provides the OS with certain functionalities that make it function properly. There often appear issues concerning the dynamic link library. The issues need to be resolved using appropriate strategies. There are manual methods as well as automatic ways of fixing the problems. The choice of a method is guided by user's choice, preference.

Common errors and their cause of occurrences

The blue screen error (0x00000124) associated with the hal.dll occurs whenever the PC user starts his computer. Upon starting the PC restarts. This follows with the display of the error message. On restarting the PC the problem persists and this makes it difficult for the computer user to use his Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 PC systems. The manual methods can be a bit tedious. It may involve the use of file system checker. Automatic methods use the Windows system restores, effective antimalware tools like Hit Malware software, driver update software tools, DLL Suite software.

Missing dll may be due to a number of reasons. If it is accidentally deleted from the PC system then the user needs to replace the file with a downloaded copy of the file. The user can download copy of the hal.dll from the web, store it in the sky drive and then use the downloaded version to fix the missing file issue.

Yet another cause of missing hal.dll files from computer with operating system like Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8 is the removal of the file in context by applications and software tools that are incompatible to the file. Therefore, it is important to trace these applications and uninstall them form the PC system.

Observable system crash related to the hal.dll can be due to several reasons. The improper formatting of the hard disk drive can cause problems and so formatting the hard disk and then reinstalling the system software can resolve the issue. The presence of malware programs can cause systemic damage and so suitable antivirus software needs to be used to address the problem.

There are situations when the blue screen issues are very much related to the hardware and device driver software. Sometimes, PC users use outdated software and owing to the incompatibility errors related to hal.dll are displayed. It becomes important to perform driver updates. There are software tools available like the DLL Suite that one can use to fix the issues related to the software.

The BSoD ntoskrnl.exe+18c463, hal.dll+12a3b are BSOD errors leading to system crash. The cause of the problem may be the use of obsolete device driver software, use of old version of the antivirus software. The user requires making driver updates. He also needs to check that he i using the most updated version of popular antivirus software like Hit Malware.

If the file is context is missing or corrupt then the PC user needs to use the system file checker to fix the problem. The computer is unable to restart, because the file in context is corrupt. This is a common error. It may be a hardware issue. The use of chkdsk /r command in the command prompt helps to resolves the logical errors associated with the file.

Resolve hal.dll issues using DLL Suite tool

For other errors related to the file, the user may choose to use the DLL Suite software tool. The tool is available on the web. The user can download it, install it and use it from time to time to fix the problems related to all dll files.

Click on the button below to download DLL Suite.

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