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April 17, 2015

How to make my PC faster

For increased productivity, it is imperative to ensure that the PC or the personal computer runs faster. Faster PC not only adds to the productivity of the company or enterprise but also boosts the efficiency of the individuals working with it. There are a number of ways by which you can expect to make your PC fast. Some of which are mentioned below.

Check available disk space in your system
To make a personal computer run fast, it is essential to check the space available in its hard disk. It is important to keep 15% of the HDD free so that the computer can run smoothly. In order to accomplish this you need to get rid of unnecessary programs, applications and files from the system. Without such action, the PC gets slowed down that immensely inhibits the performance and productivity of the system. On deletion of useless programs, files and applications, they are moved to the recycle bin. Since the recycle bin is a part of the system therefore it is indispensable to empty it. Unless you do that the problem of slow PC persists. Faster PC windows 7 or other OS are always cherished by the users and therefore they do all the things that are crucial to enhance the yield of their company or enterprises.

Stop unnecessary programs from running during the booting process
For a faster PC start-up, it is vital to stop unnecessary programs from starting during the booting process of the computer. This is because, during the system initialization process if unwanted programs are executed then the start-up time is significantly diminished. You can change the system configuration of the computer and make relevant alterations in the start-up programs.

Disable programs that are running in the background
To make your desktop PC faster, you need to alter the power options in the control panel to high performance. Another important step that you need to take is to disable programs that are running in the background. You need to know that background applications consume random access memory space, valuable CPU cycles and therefore disabling them is the most prudent option that you can exercise.

Use antivirus software to keep your system clean from bugs
Often windows context menu remain populated with programs that are not used. Therefore disabling those programs lead to prompt display of the menu. To ensure that your PC runs fast, use any PC faster software. Besides that you can use an antivirus program, anti malware, spyware scanner. You need to know that a system with no bugs augments the efficiency of the computer. A clean PC can devote more time to handle other processes running in it.

Maintain your PC on a regular basis
You also need to maintain your PC on a regular basis. You can run a disk cleanup utility and clean ups your personal computer from unwanted files and releases space in the system. You can run the disk cleanup utility by going to the hard drive, select the properties option and then click on the Disk cleanup present in the general tab.

Defragment the HDD from time to time
It is advisable to use solid state drives also referred to as SSD's. These drives replace the system's HDDs enabling the system to be more secure and fast. Another vital step that enables the PC to run fast is to run a disk defragmenter. The disk defragmentation reconfigures the way the data is stored in the hard disk drive for increased efficiency. Defragmenting process is quite simple. Visit the My Computer, right click on the HDD, and opt for the properties, visit tools and then click on the option "Defragment Now".

Keep the hard disk drives free from errors
For a faster PC download or gaming experience, it is all the more important that the hard disk drives of the personal computer is free from any errors. Checking this is quite lucid. All you need to do is to visit My Computer, right click on the HDD, select the properties option, visit the tools tab, and click on the "check now" option under the error checking area. In the event when windows is unable to check the disks for error just because the disks are already in use then you require to click on the schedule disk check. This action checks disk as soon as you reboot your system.

Turn off indexing
Indexing often slows down the computer and so it should be turned off for better PC performance. To turn it off, you need to visit the Go Computer section, right click on the HDD, and select the properties section. In this section, you need to un-check the box meant for indexing the drive.
For a PC faster download it is important to have a good internet connection. This you can get from a quality internet service provider. Simultaneously, you need to ensure that your personal computer is fast. In this context, it is pertinent to say that there are some websites whose servers remain slow and therefore if you cherish to download any software from such sites, much time is wasted. Also, if the web traffic is significantly high then you cannot get a faster download experience.
The above mentioned tips help us a lot in enhancing the speed of the computers. The next time you turn on your machine for a faster PC gaming experience then you need to ensure that the above mentioned tips are implemented properly.

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