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Jun 16, 2015

dxva2.dll error repair tool

The Application Program Interface DirectX Video Acceleration OR dxva helps in accelerating video processing. Dvxa.dll is the dynamic link library for the API and Dxva2.dll is the latest version. It is essential for the computer to function properly when you are watching videos online or using any application like Skype on your computer.

Dxva2.dll errors can happen due to a number of reasons during computer start up or application launch like with Skype or Google Hangout. Users saw that when they tried to view videos online on websites like Youtube, or Metacafe or Dailymotion message saying that dxva.dll was either not designed for their Windows operating systems on Toshiba, Lenovo or Dell computer or it had an error.

A friend of mine recently bought a new Dell 3542 4th Gen Core i3 4Gb 1TB Win 8.1 laptop and initially it was playing all video formats on the Windows Media player but after a few days he saw that it stopped playing .wmv files and then extended the malfunction to .mpg, .avi, .mpeg.; and ultimately caused a bsod error with the code 80040218 on his screen followed by system crash. The reason behind this is that dxva2.dll is missing from his computer. Because of this missing dxva2_dll he was even unable to open Microsoft Office programs like Powerpoint, Word and Excel.

Since a majority of programs use dxva2.dll in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users often see that they get the error code 0x80240004 whenever they tried downloading an App from the Windows Store due corruption in the dll files. They even tried to use a new account to download the required apps but neither that nor a clean reboot solved their issue. Their frustration was further increased by the existing apps refusing to open too. Un-installation of the apps didn't help because they wouldn't reinstall.

Sometimes this was followed by the error code (0x300000030) which simply means that the windows registry having all the dll files has been corrupted by a virus or Trojan like Backdoor:Win32/Sdbot!A, and users need to remove the virus using a virus removal tool like VSKsoft Anti- Virus before it can cause complete system failure and loss of valuable data.

Users who are still using old Windows XP versions on Dell laptops have seen that when they start their computers, they get the error message that dxva2.dll was not found. The same error message popped up when users tried to get the DVR for security cameras on their Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems, on Lenovo or HP G62-340-US and Envy computers. On upgrading from an older version of Windows to a newer version, users came across background container dxva2.dll module not found error messages.

All these problems are the result of missing or corrupted dll files and can be fixed by one simple DLL repair tool like DLL Suite which can repair dxva2.dll missing or not found errors and stop bsod crashes from happening. Further more if any dxva2-dll file is missing from its default location, it will download the file from an official malware free source, reinstall and reregister the file on its own automatically to the correct location and make sure that your computer applications and programs are performing at their best.

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