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Jun 18, 2015

LogonUI.exe file fixer

LogonUI is a program that is used for Windows Logon User Interface Host for different applications and different support device drivers. This file is located in system folder of C drive. Exe or executable file are the principal supporting system of any computer as it helps to execute any program. As it is clear now logonui.exe what is it user should be a bit careful about the file and its condition. If the version number is changed and the file is not replaces as soon as soon possible it can end up with logonui.exe corrupt file. Because of corrupted logon_ui error user can get different problems like Blue screen of death, damaged driver, application runtime problem, access violation etc.

While launching this file or to start-up any system user can get different errors, here are few of them:

Every time while starting up the system user was getting two error messages, one is logonui.exe bad image and another one is file is not designed in the system and it is occurring problems. User was asked to restart the system and it was working fine for little time. Again after turning off the system such messages again come across. It was happening in windows 8.1 ultimate of 64 bits.

The next was a userdata.dll error. In a brand new Lenovo ThinkPad with Windows 7 a message was appearing that the problem could not be launched as dll file is missing from the computer. Error for logonui.exe with userdata.dll could not be fixed using system file checker as all comes clean. No new software was installed, no changes were made suddenly and no software was uninstalled.

Logonui.exe high CPU is another error that comes through in different conditions. This executable file was using a remote session from Windows XP to Windows & pro with i7 4770 CPU. It was using 13% of CPU when nothing was going on except a remote connection. Compared to the same task to Windows XP to Windows XP Pro with Pentium 4.3 GHz taskbar was showing only 1% of memory usage.

While using finger print reader in system it was showing logonUI.exe biometric error in Windows 8 and windows 8.1. First error was occurring only in windows 8 and later after the updating version to Windows 8.1 could not solve the issue, hence rolling back operating system to windows 8 have not solved the problem.

After downloading new version of Mozilla Thunderbird user was having logonUI.exe application error while rebooting the system. A pop up appeared with a message stating executable file application error. An error code was along with the message that is 0xc0000005 and application failed to initialize. Same application error was coming up later with different codes like '0x7c80a3ee" referenced memory at "0x0650e000' and memory could not be read.

Such problems have a common consequence that is system would face trouble to boot and operating system might get corrupted. If the problem is not repaired user will get different error codes following blue screen of death, to solve such issues like logonUI.exe system error what is best solution is Max Utilities that helps to optimize Windows and registry, removes all junk files, temporary files, cache and cookies, enhances security.

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