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April 22, 2015

How to solve certmgr.dll issues

What Is certmgr.dll and certmgr.dll Error?
certmgr.dll helps in smooth running of the Windows operating system. This system file is shared by different programs. The file see to it that the different .exe file performs its tasks efficiently and also ensure that the correct data could be accessed by the operating system.
If there is un-installation or removal of a program, it leads to Kernel.32.dll file corrupted or missing and as a result the file that many programs share would be removed due to the removal. This leads to error.

The Error Symptoms
The following are the symptoms indicating errors with local machine:
•Cannot find the file.
•The file Not Found
•The file is missing
•Can't load FileSystemcertmgr.dll.
•Can't find certmgr.dll. Reinstalling might help fix this error.
•Windows is unable to start due to missing or corrupt of the following file: Windows\system32\certmgr.dll. Please re-install a copy of the above file.
•This application failed to start because dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

The Causes of Error
As you get an error message that dll was not found, you are now in a better position to know the reason behind the message. There are numerous causes for this message, including:
•Uninstall mistake.
•Virus/ malware infection.
•Bad memory modules to corrupted windows registry.
The display of the error indicates the possibility of serious affecting of the operation of the related application as the application will stop suddenly while running; there could be system freezes or an automatic shutdown of the program. Hence, by removing the error, you can protect your computer from other damages.
In addition to the affection to the associated program, one also finds other damaged symptoms of the computer. These include:
•Blue screen, system freezes or crashes. It's a typical phenomenon when error or registry error occurs.
•Registry error information pops up. Since a mess of registry would be caused by dll error, so the correct data will be unable to be accessed by the system and could not run as normal.
•Low CPU usage. System is trying its effort to access to the right files but fail to perform.
•How to Fix Missing dll Error
•Windows start up or shut down abnormally.
The importance of the file to the computer system makes it imperative to fix the error immediately as soon as you experience it before doing other things. Following are few methods that you can try to remove the error.

Method One: Manually replace the missing file.
The replacement of the dll file is a sure means to get your computer system run efficiently again. To get this done with the required delete certificate, follow the guide below to replace error messages for certmgr.exe in windows 7 or mono:
1.certmgr.exe download or copy the same file from some other computer. Get the correct dll file that is needed for your computer system and also see that it is free of virus.
2.Navigate to c:\Windows\System32
3.Find the current file.
4.Rename the dll to Kernel32BACKUP.dll
5.Copy & paste the new dll and paste it into C:\Windows\System32
6.Click Start > Run (in Vista and Win 7 search"run")
7.Type "cmd" in the box
8.Type "regsvr32 certmgr.dll" on the black screen
9.Click the "Enter" key and install dll file. Once successfully installed, a message might appear about the successful installation.

Method Two: Update your hardware drivers.
In addition to software update, the drivers also need to be updated for attached peripherals or hardware. Wherever needed, you should try updating the latest firmware required for the accessories containing it. Both these methods will have the latest changes to the used hardware. The conjunction of the peripherals and hardware with the .dll stops many of headaches.

Method Three: Run a scan of the system viruses.
If virus or spyware is found in the dll, you should run an antivirus program and make a scan of the PC. One usual reason for error is getting infected with virus. You should use your anti-virus program to remove the virus. You should also turn on the firewall all the time to stop virus from infecting dll.

Method Four: Perform a system Restore.
It is another simple way to correct issues with dll file by starting a system restore. You should set the date that should be the one before you started facing the problem.

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