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Jun 18, 2015

FWPKCLNT.sys error repair tool

Fwpkclnt.sys in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and even Windows 8.1 is the IPsec Kernel-Mode Application Protocol Interface file. It should not be tampered with or removed or else users are going to face Fwpkclnt.sys errors like ble screen of death errors that will lead to complete system crash.

Among the errors it is not unusual to see corruption in fwpkclnt.sys related memory leak in windows operating systems during networking IN Toshiba , Dell, HP computers and specially when using Internet explorer 9, internet explorer 19 , Google chrome or Mozilla Thunderbird to view videos on youtube and browse through web pages at the same time. This eventually leads to Nonpaged pool using up the RAM completely, leading to bsod. Applications will also fail due to instability. This issue has often been seen while using Mc Afee Anti- Virus.

It doesn't just mean that your system files are infected but that your anti-virus isn't working properly and as such it is causing massive errors. The issue is generally fixed when the software is removed and a windows registry and memory repair tool like Max Utilities is used to deal with the memory leak problems by getting rid of invalid registry entries.

Gamers regularly face an issue while playing games like League of legends or Dota 2 their system crashed in the middle of the game and they lost all the progress they had made. They were able to start their computer in safe mode but start up repair with and without disc, system restore, updating drivers in safe more and scanning for hardware changes in safe mode didn't turn up anything as the cause of the crash. This was not welcome at all and on a check using VSKsoft Anti- Virus they saw that fwpkclnt sys was Trojan infected and had been replaced by infected malware codes.

Users saw that on Windows Vista Home premium 64 bit they were having booting errors due to fwpkclnt.sys files missing or being corrupt in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and even Windows 8.1 operating systems. This was also seen in Windows 7 and users were panicking because they couldn't even keep their systems running for enough time to transfer their data and settings and they got black screens with error code 0xc0000098.

Any recent hardware or software change might also lead to fwpkclnt_sys blue screen of death errors like computer system crashing in the middle of a session or not starting at all because of fwpkclnt.sys Driver IRQL Not less or equal-- error event id fffff880`01400000 fffff880`0144a000 0x0004a000 0x4a5bc16 or 0x000000D1.

Users have also experienced random and more than one fwpkclnt.sys bad pool header error that comes with bsod and causes system crashes without any particular function being performed. While playing games like GTA IV or NEED FOR SPEED bad pool header errors are often seen on HP Pavillion G6 Notebooks or Dell XPS computers on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1 and these are related to fwpkclnt-sys -- fffff880`01add000 fffff880`01b27000 0x0004a000 0x4ce7932.

So, if you are experiencing these errors then you need to repair the fwpkclnt_sys files as soon as possible using a system file and driver repair tool like DLL Suite that can fix the fwpkclnt.sys missing or driver_irql_not_less_or_equal bsod errors and make sure that all your dynamic link library files are restored to their default locations thus all programs and applications can work without any errors and issues.

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