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Jun 11, 2015

AcLayers.dll error repair tool

Application Compatibility Layer Dynamic Link Library also known as AcLayers.dll is responsible for controlling application settings on all Windows operating systems and as such any kind of tampering with the file or if it goes missing, like users saw when they tried to install a Canon Printer on their PC's and they will need repairing without delay.

Users noticed the AcLayers error on their HP, Dell and Sony computers, with their computers telling them that the file was either not designed to run on Windows or it had a .dll error; and they thought upgrading their Windows operating system from Windows Vista to Windows 7 would solve the AcLayers.dll error problem but it did not. A lot of users reported the same error whether they were using Windows XP or Windows 8 or even Windows 8.1.

The problem wasn't limited to installing a printer either. While playing games like Minecraft or Thrones and Patriots, gamers saw the game failed to even start because of appcrash. Sims3 failed to even launch on certain occasions and the computer crashed with blue screen of death errors due to missing AcLayers.dll files and fixing the required file was the only option.

If this file goes missing then starting your computer's operating system or browsers - IE 7 or IE8 or IE9 will become impossible and your computer will show that you have rundll32exe bad image error in your system.

But as you saw most of these Aclayers.dll is the result of missing files using a DLL recovery and repair tool like DLL Suite will download missing Aclayers.dll files and install them to their correct locations. Mostly finding the right application missing the file and then downloading the required file takes expertise and a lot of time. Users also need to find a proper download source which is malware free and has the right file. DLL Suite does all that for the user without him/her having to re-install or re-register the .dll file manually. It will inform immediately which file is missing and which one needs to be downloaded, find an official verified site and install it to the default location of the fie.

Because it is such an important file to the proper running of your computer any virus infecting an AcLayers.dll file will do damage to the Windows registry and you will need to repair your registry using Max Utilities, which will repair all the damaged files and free enough disc space so that you computer does not freeze due to application crashes.

But, just repairing the registry isn't enough; make sure your entire system including the hard drives and any external device that you might have attached is absolutely free of viruses using Hit Malware , so that they can't corrupt your acLayers dynamic link library files again.

Click on the button below to download DLL Suite.

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