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Jun 9, 2015

How to remove TrojanDropper:AutoIt/Bokill.A

Trojan dropper :Autobolt/Bokill.A is one of the most deathly virus which van easily pawn upon your computer any time the moment the system is by hacked by it.

This is because once these malwares or deathly spywares spread in the inbuilt software system of your computer what they usually do is they spreads in the system of your configuration and easily trades your highly vital data or important information just like that. It also includes the hackling of the personal network websites or blogs in face book or in tweeters.

In order to check them the first thing you need to do is to stop the associate Trojan file in the Windows task manager once you can locate it in the windows task manger. Ask your system to show all the hidden malicious files in your system configuration of the software. So that none of the hidden malicious files can even stay within the system, of your software.

Once you are sure about tracing all the malicious hidden files in the system configuration of your computer erase all the associative files of the respective virus entirely from your system.

It is only then you should terminate the invalid registry entries associated with the respective programme files by using the original version of the Microsoft windows registry server. Then only the system is going to nullify the virus and once you reinstall after uninstalling the associate programmes in your system after a full virus scan and update of your pc and device drivers running a windows system file checker scan install the available windows update to make a clean installation of the windows .The system is expected to restart after a successful boot. These kinds of viruses are expected to attack any versions of the Microsoft windows operating system like Windows XP or Windows 7 or 7 Ultimate or 8.1.

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