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Jun 4, 2015

How to remove Trojan:Win64/Discper

There are many types of noxious Trojan Horse viruses that make up the Trojan:Win64/Discper virus family. All the members of this virus family are nasty Trojans used by cyber criminal to wreak havoc on computers across the globe. They are notorious for spreading malware, promoting adware and breaching PC privacy.

How do Trojan:Win64/Discper viruses spread?

Cyber hackers develop these nasty Trojans to target computers whose security has open "holes" existing in the software. Although they appear to be legitimate files, they are only disguised and bring only trouble to PS users. This type of Trojan infection enters the PC by downloading freeware, file sharing, clicking on suspicious links, and visiting unsafe websites.

Unlike normal computer viruses that harm your PC when they "mutate" and replicate by themselves infecting other parts of your system, the Trojan allows other malware to enter the back door. Besides this, can alter your start-up items, decrease your PC performance and inject malware into the windows registry.

Why are Trojan:Win64/Discper virus family so dangerous?

On entering your computer, the Trojan:Win64/Discper virus family will control the entire system and run in the background hogging up your CPU or memory usage.

Windows registry, system settings can be changed without your control by these Trojans. Your system will become very slow, you will not be able to surf online, watch videos and run large programs. You PC will crash often and more malware will be injected without your knowledge. To remove Trojan:Win64/Discper family of viruses quickly from the affected computer, you may need to resort to an automatic download virus removal tool like Hit Malware.

How do you completely remove Trojan:Win64/Discper viruses?

If you know the name of the trojan horse virus then you can check online for information on how to get rid of the trojan virus in question. To manually remove the virus, you can check processes running on Task Manager (press Ctrl +Alt +Del) - click End Task, or delete the virus program from Control Panel – Add/Remove Program. The manual method of removing viruses is not recommended and is unsafe unless you are a PC professional.

As the family of Trojans are so cunning, you may not succeed in removing them with merely the built-in Microsoft security tools. You may need to use a more powerful spyware and adware removal tool

The best way to prevent an attack by Trojans is to keep all of your software, especially your antivirus up to date. If this virus persists despite your regular antivirus auto removal and running a sfc system scan, you may try a more powerful spyware and adware, like Hit Malware Trojan:Win64/Discper removal tool.

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