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Jun 17, 2015

How to remove Trojan:VBS/ProxyChanger.B

Trojan is a completely non-self replicating malicious code that enters computer without user's consent and renders unending jeopardize in computer. For computers, tablets and other devices Trojan, virus, malware, rootkit, worm these are highest source of threats that can create enormous problems.

Here are few common problems found stated with new found Trojan:VBS/ProxyChanger.B.

In first case user was anxious with a corrupted hard disk. Having a hard disk (western digital) that is full of important information was out of use for consecutive six months. After plugging it in computer installed antivirus blocked it and when it was again kept in use removing the hard disk all files and folders were showing in shortcuts. Shortcut files were no longer working and user suspected Trojan infection to the disk. Another annoyance with the hard disk was it was showing memory full message hence while the entire shortcut was showing only 1KB. User felt Trojan:VBS/ProxyChanger.B removal difficult as it was yielding chain of problems to the system.

The next one was a typical sign of Trojan. User was getting random file appearing in the system folder and those files were disappearing altogether. User was using Google Chrome in Windows XP Pro with service pack 1. User has downloaded Net Nanny the most authentic parental control software and after that these problems were appearing. According to user's memory one spam email attachment was opened from fake sender that Cocacola has decided to reward bulk of money to the user on a good lock basis. To remove Trojan:VBS/ProxyChanger.B the next step was to find an appropriate removal tool for the system.

As Trojan:VBS/ProxyChanger.B removal toolthe Hit Malware is the best one as it can remove all malicious codes from first scanning using different types of scanning options like fast, quick or custom.

Click on the button below to download Trojan:VBS/ProxyChanger.B removal tool - Hit Malware.

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