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Jun 9, 2015

How to remove Ransom:Win32/Tocrypt.B

Has your computer been affected by Ransom:Win32/Tocrypt.B? Well this vicious virus is back and bothering computer users. It is making rounds on victim computers and refusing to unlock their system unless a certain payment is being made. Then it can pose as significant security risk for your personal information and data. Added to this it can have a drastic effect on your system.

Just keep in mind that, all ransom viruses can be removed without damaging your files but in some cases you need to take more strict steps. This type of virus is categorised into three divisions which are lock screen viruses, scareware and the real nasty ones.

The simplest of all three is the scareware which comprises of bogus antivirus or clean-up tools to fool the users. They demand that you need to pay something in order to fix the issue. At some instance such viruses allow you use your system for some time and then bombard with an array of alerts and pop-up messages. While there are others that might even prevent you from running your computer. In this situation it is best to go for an effective Ransom:Win32/Tocrypt.B removal tool.

Next is the lock-screen viruses that do not allow you to use your system by any means. In some cases they can even display a full screen logo of any authorized department saying that you have violated the law. Sounds silly right! Then the nasty ones are real bad because it encrypts and locks your private data. You are not allowed to use it unless you pay. Then how can get rid of such files?

Go for a clean-up tool and the procedure is to keep the system in Windows Safe Mode and run a virus scanner. Then if you are not able to enter into the Windows or run program due to screen lock try system restore. The last option is run good antivirus software like Hit Malware that will keep your browser clean and prevent any kind of adware on your computer.

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