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May 29, 2015

How to remove Ransom:Win32/Tobfy.K

Of late is your computer infected with Trojan and your antivirus is not able to detect it. Then know how to remove this manually because this offensive virus can cause serious damage to your computer.

Ransom:Win32/Tobfy.K is a highly contagious threat which is develops a group of remote hackers to delve inside your system. It is stubborn Trojan and often tough to get rid with an anti-virus software too. You might also notice that your anti-virus has deleted it but still you find it in your computer system.

Generally this kind of Trojan affects your computer vigorously and comes in way of your web browsing tasks. You'll be amazed to know that it can change your desktop image, fiddle with your homepage and browser settings and redirect your website to some unwanted page. Further this also helps cyber mastermind hack your computer and access your private details. In this way they can gather your personal information so you need to clean your computer immediately with the help of Ransom:Win32/Tobfy.K removal tool.

The malicious Trojan Horse keeps your computer in great risk because it damages the file, programs and your system. It corrupts your computer and brings in threats like malware and spyware. Moreover you can also come across some unexpected problems while surfing the websites. Therefore follow these instructions to manually remove the Trojan virus completely from your system.

Keep in mind that the manual process is bit complicated and risk too. First keep a back up of all important data then press Ctrl+Alt+Del and stop the virus process in the Windows Task Manager then go to the Folder Options right from the Control Panel. Under the View tab select the hidden files and folders and then uncheck Hide protected operating system which is recommended and click on OK. Now press Windows+ R keys and look for regedit in the search bar. Finally delete the related files and the registry entries related to the Trojan virus.

You can also go for Hit Malware which is one of the most trusted software to remove virus, spyware, adware, Trojan and protects your private information.

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