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Jun 2, 2015

How to remove Backdoor:Win32/SkyRat!rfn

Backdoor:Win32/SkyRat!rfn is a latest addition to the Win32 Trojan family and was just detected for the first time on the 29th of may 2015 and users have been alerted to be very careful about the this as Microsoft have warned it is capable of causing severe damage to your Windows operating systems. If your operating system is indeed infected then like any infection immediately REMOVE the Backdoor:Win32/SkyRat!rfn with VSKsoft virus REMOVAL TOOL.

What it does is, it crawls into the entire system corrupting important system files and replacing them. Being a Trojan Backdoor:Win32/SkyRat!rfn is programmed by hackers to hack into your confidential files and steal valuable data like banking information, banking passwords, credit card information etc. The worm is so harmful that it can just spread into your system files and before you actually realize that your system is infected it will have opened a backdoor to other Trojans so that they can send vital information to remote servers and hackers.

The Backdoor:Win32/SkyRat!rfn virus can get into your system through emails that come with attachments regarding some lottery prize you have won or some money you are receiving from an unknown source. It may also be that you already had an infected system and the pre-existing viruses might have downloaded unwanted malware or more Trojans to your system. If you have visited a website that has already been hacked this virus will affect your system. And lastly if you have attached an external drive that came from an infected computer system the Trojan will get into your system.

The moment it gets in it will try to use auto-run to infect your system, spread and mutate and change its location to stop it from being detected. Stop auto-run immediately and scan your system using an advanced and constantly updating virus REMOVAL TOOL like Hit Malware. It will detect the threat to the system and REMOVE it. Furthermore as you can see it is even capable of detecting and eliminating threats as recent as Backdoor:Win32/SkyRat!rfn it will keep on protecting your computer against all future threats as well including harmful websites, malware, spam emails and external infected hardware.

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