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best PC cleaner

What is the best PC cleaner

It is ideal to use the best free PC cleaner and optimizer software of 2017, Max Utilities as seen on Reddit and CNET along with an antivirus, by downloading and running them to clean the Windows 7 PC of unwanted files.

Windows operating systems are the most popular of operating systems. Each and every computer requires one. Without it, the PC is just a machine. But is it not seen often that the computer running on Windows starts behaving abnormally? It is seen that programs installed in Windows just don't function. Now why does that happen? Well that's because, the more a computer is used the more junk files it collects.

Now the question might arise as to what are junk files? Well when a program is used in Windows it leaves behind unnecessary temporary files. These files are useless and just keep accumulating. The more these files get collected automatically by Windows, the operating system will not function properly. But the real question is, if there is any way of fixing Windows. The easiest way, is to use the best PC cleaner software Max Utilities, as mentioned by many on Reddit and CNET.

But what is the software and why is it the best option? It is basically a program that can automatically remove the junk files and other useless entries from the PC. This will get Windows and other Windows programs working again. Why not look at the following examples to get a better understanding.

These days a laptop without internet connectivity is unheard off. Why would anyone want that? The web is full of games, entertainment websites and shopping websites etc. But to access them browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc. are required. Some of the most common websites are www.linkedin.com, ebay.com, facebook.com etc. Many people have accounts in these websites. They use their email id and passwords to login to their accounts. But sometimes it is seen that logging into these websites using Internet Explorer keeps failing. Something called a cookie error pops up and doesn't allow login.

The obvious question is, what are cookies? Cookies are information provided by the websites to the browser. These information is required by the browser to load the website. It might be that the cookies were corrupted while deleting browsing history. In that case unwanted cookies have been left behind in the PC. It is then that a free download of the best PC cleaner and optimizer like Max Utilities is required. What the software can do is removed the unwanted files safely, without actually deleting stored passwords or browser files which might be important.

But that is the not the only reason for these cookies and junk files causing issues. The internet is full of thousands of websites. Google Chrome might be the browser being used on a Windows 7 laptop. The website being accessed might be MSN.com. On trying to load the website, it is seen that a pop up appears on the screen. The pop up states that the website wants to use cookies. But even after allowing cookies MSN accounts just can't be accessed. An error pop up just keeps appearing again and again. It keeps saying cookies are blocked.

The issue might seem complicated but the reason is quite simple actually. The internet is full of malicious viruses. Often these viruses attack the computer through the browser. The browser itself runs with the help of small program files. What the threats do is target these files. Then the browser in Windows is unable to allow cookies. Now manually uninstalling the browser and reinstalling might seem like a good solution. But there is no guarantee that the malware will be removed.

Besides many people use the option of making their browsers remember the username and passwords for websites. Uninstalling the browser will mean losing those. So what is required is to download for free an antivirus and the best pc cleaners. The antivirus can remove the viruses and the PC cleaner can clean up the browser files. After that allowing cookies won't be an issue. One of the best PC cleaners of 2017 available for free download is Max Utilities. It's easy to use. Just downloading and running it can resolve issues.

Sometimes, programs like Windows Live Mail are used on Windows 7. It is used to send emails and receive them. But like a mobile phone incoming messages can fill up the inbox. Shopping websites often send promotional emails by tracking browsing history. This can be annoying as the important emails then get pushed back. As such deleting the mails makes perfect sense. But often it is seen that the mails can't be deleted from the inbox.

Some unwanted errors happen and Windows Live Mail becomes unresponsive. Reinstalling the software may become necessary after that. It is uninstalled but while reinstalling an error message just keeps reappearing. It states that another version of Windows Live Mail is already installed. But the older version was deleted. Then why is this happening? Well old program files are still left behind in Windows. Deleting a software often leaves behind unwanted junk files like this. Not everyone knows how to remove these files manually. A much quicker solution is to use the best PC cleaner software for Windows 7.

Now the question may be asked as to why not do these things manually? First of all not everyone has the technical knowledge to do that. Secondly, while trying to remove junk files, often important files get deleted. Windows programs then keep crashing. At that point a Windows reinstallation becomes necessary. It is time consuming to install a new version of Windows. Reinstalling Windows for some means losing all that data saved in the hard drives. As such using the best PC cleaner for free can clean the device of unwanted files and get everything working.

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