arc.sys download free and error fixing

What is arc.sys?

The.sys file refers to the system driver file for Advanced RISC Computing (ARC) pathnames in Boot.ini in Windows operating systems. It is one of the files, which is responsible for letting us choose an installation of Windows to boot. Arc.sys being such an important file can get corrupted and lead to errors, unless DLL Suite is used to repair the file on time.

Arc-sys errors:-

The arc_sys file can also help users work with arc mouse devices from Microsoft. Many clients have seen that they were unable to get their Arc touch mouse devices to work on their newly upgraded Windows 8.1 operating systems even though, the same device worked on their previous Windows 8 operating systems. The reason for this was arc systeme driver files in the Windows registry being outdated, needing a tool like, DLL Suite to replace them.

On account of arc system 2 driver file being corrupted and not being replaced with the help of DLL Suite in time, many users of Windows 7 have noticed that, their computer screens on their HP 8740w Elitebook or Sony Vaio computers turned black, with just the cursor being displayed. This happened every time on boot and after that it took ages to get to the Windows log on screen. On enabling boot log they started noticing that bdfndisf6.sys, vga.sys, NDProxy.SYS, trufos.sys, rixdpe64.sys and others were not being loaded, because the corrupted arc .sys file had managed to corrupt these driver files too.

After the installation of Windows 10 many users have noticed that, when they reinstalled their arc touch Bluetooth mouse application, from the Windows store, they found that, the scroll function no longer worked. Added to that, their fully functional Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter which worked fine before the upgrade, failed to work anymore when they tried to connect the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter and use the Microsoft Arc Mouse simultaneously. It started crashing after the connection was initiated and this arc system works failure in Windows is the result of damaged arc driver file, which needs to be replaced, with the help of DLL Suite.

If there is indeed a damaged arc-sys driver file then on starting the computers, clients will see that, they run into BSOD issues with the bug check code 24, immediately following, the finish of the start up process. In such circumstances, if the driver file is not replaced and the motherboard is changed, then clients will get the BSOD, with the error code 0x0000007B. The driver file being corrupted can also cause the arc touch surface edition mouse to freeze and stop responding unless the system is restarted. But on restarting, it is often noticed that the mouse is not detected by Windows in the Bluetooth devices.


The resolution for these arc systems Jamaica and arc system driver issues can be found in the form of DLL Suite that will download and reinstall compatible version of the file, to its default location. But that should only be done, once the malware has been removed from the system with the help of Hit Malware.