amdagp.sys download free and error fixing

The world of Windows operating system based processors is very narrow, with only two companies vying for the market share and they are Intel and AMD. Thus each of these makers, which have their line of other products too, such as motherboards, hard drives, graphics cards etc, will have their own set of specialist files to deal with components within the computer system.

One such file is the amdagp.sys which is a graphics related file within the windows systems and has known to face errors within the system from time to time is easily corrected by the DLL Suite application.

Multiple users have complained about the issues of the errors with the file and some have been recounted here as examples to check out.

* One of the most common errors that have been reported with the amdagp.sys is the issue with the blue screen or bsod errors which can come out of the blue, but can be easily fixed with the DLL Suite tool. For example with mjm20061 reported that within the XP system in September of 2012, whenever they were trying to close out of three programs, namely - word, edited PDF being saved to the hard drive and the email application, this BSOD would appear randomly and cause errors.

* Another variation of the problems with the amdagp.sys error as mentioned here is that of the incessant reboot instead of a Bsod and then a restart. This also can be easily fixed with the DLL Suite. This error was reported by the user Shirleyfedup in June of 2010 on a Windows XP system. This user had a HP XT963 with Windows XP home edition computer. When starting up the system the logo would show up and then go back to the boot options menu ad when trying to reboot from there would show errors, restart and start the cycle all over again.

* The amdagp.sys related system hang has also been reported quite frequently and it is fixed by the DLL Suite as well. One example, of this error was reported by the user tx_bowhuntr in June of 2011. This user reported that while the Windows XP system was starting up, it was displaying the partition errors and not being able to go any further. Even when booted in safe mode it goes to the Windows screen and then stops there.

* Many users have tried for the disable option for amdagp.sys, but it isn't a required or a recommended action as DLL Suite can download a replacement to be patched within the system and thus enabling the files to work properly. Disabling the file may also affect other functions within the system and hence this isn't a recommended action.

The best amdagp.sys related fix can't be done by users or other random programs on the net and will of course require the services of a professional tool such as the DLL Suite. Users may try to fix it themselves and end up causing more errors within the system and hence it is advised to sue this tool and get back full functionality within the system.