aitagent.exe download free and error fixing

Among the different operating systems in the computer, the Windows Operating System from Microsoft is the most used Operating System in the world. To operate the system there is the necessity of certain files and programs. The files which are attached with .exe extension codes after the file name are the executable file formats and these are executed as a program or are required to run a program. The aitagent.exe is one such file that plays an important role in the Windows Operating System and is associated with the Application Impact Telemetry Agent. Some commands are used for executing a particular program. When the commands fail to run the program or the command is not in a working condition, there may be some problems in the system.

Issues related with the file

Explorer.exe crashes

User has installed the Windows 8 Operating System recently. After the installation is completed the system is showing some problem with the Windows explorer. The Windows Explorer crashes frequently and then restarts. This happens every now and then and whatever program is running stops and every time the user has to restart that. The event ID seen in the error log is 1000 and the case is an application error. The aitagent.exe Microsoft Windows system is causing the issue and that may be solved by the installation of the DLL Suite. The exception error code 0xc0000374 is also seen in the system along with the issue.

Explorer.exe consumes 50%

The user faces some problems with the Windows 7 Operating system. The system when used for any of the activities like browsing the internet or playing the videos or music or any other such cases the programs freezes and the system shows the 50% CPU usage by the Explorer.exe. The screen then becomes blank and is also cannot be shut down or cannot be restarted also. The aitagent exe Windows 7 where the aitagent exeとは may be creating some problems cannot be resolved by the usual methods. Authentic and effective tools like the DLL Suite from VSkSoft can be a great option in resolving the issue.

Unable to repair member file

The system used is the Windows 7 ultimate edition and the Media Center of the system installed is causing some issues. The aitagent.exe.mui or the aitagent.exe что это or the aitagent.exe nedir may be having some problem and the system shows the error message saying that it is unable to repair the member files. The Microsoft Media Center User Interface associated with the DLL with version 6.1.7600.16385 cannot be repaired. Here the DLL Suite can be a solution.

Utils are missing

The user is running the Windows 8 Operating System. The user tries to run the BCDEdit.exe in a normal command prompt and get the privilege issue. He then tried to open the command prompt as an administrator and gets the aitagent.exe, aitstatic.exe, alg.exe, appidcertstorecheck.exe, appidpolicyconverter.exe and some other Utils missing from the system. The problem is very common and can be solved by the DLL Suite like tools.

The above issues and the other issues connected with the aitagent.exe file can be solved by installing the DLL Suite tool from VSkSoft.