aeinv.dll download free and error fixing

The Dynamic Link Library files or the DLL files in the Windows Operating System are used by different programs or applications. Generally the data and codes are stored in the DLL files and are used by the programs and are based on Shared Library Concept. These files are very important and when corrupted or missing creates innumerable issues in the system. The aeinv.dll is one such DLL module that may be a part of the Application Experience Program Inventory Component. The file may show random freeze or hang and that can be due to some third party program conflict also. Other problems related with the file may be seen.

Common issues found with the file are:

Computer is having random crashes

In a Windows 7 Operating System the system shows the Application error with the event ID 1000 and the system crashes randomly. The aeinv.dll crash is associated with the 0xc0000005 exception error code and the module mentioned is in the list of the faulty module name. The DLL Suite like tools obtained from authentic sources can resolve the issue.

Update of the Program Compatibility Data stopped working

Every day the system running the Windows 7 Operating System shows some problems or errors. The system shows the error message that the update of the Program Compatibility Data has stopped working suddenly. The issue is associated with the aeinv.dll update software inventory. The exception error code, c0000005 is seen along with the issue. This problem with the module can be repaired by using the DLL Suite.

BSOD or Blue Screen of Death

The fatal error named as Blue Screen of Death or the BSOD can be seen due to many reasons and in case of the Windows 7 Operating System the blue screen is seen along with the error code 0x000000F4 where the Windows Operating System cannot be accessed. The methods like Safe Mode, Start Up repair System Restore also cannot help. Unspecified error has occurred while restoring the system and the restore point is either damaged or deleted. In the list of the damaged file lists the aeinv_dll is present and the problem may be solved by aeinv.dll disable or by using the DLL Suite from VSkSoft.

Rundll32.exe loops hang

About 20-30% of the CPU is used by the rundll32.exe when seen in the Task manager after starting the system as the system hangs. The system then restarts and the problem is repeated which is never ending procedure. The system then shows the aeinv dll high CPU usage and the aeinv dll CPU is causing the problem that may be resolved by using the DLL Suite tool or software.

File in the system hangs

In the system with the Windows 8 Operating System the program Update Software Inventory starts and then hangs using 100 % of CPU usage. There is no program installed in the system except the basic ones as the computer is a new one. The aeinv.dll Windows 8 is causing the problem but various troubleshooting options normally available cannot solve the problem. In this case the use of the DLL Suite from VSkSoft can be an effective as well as easiest option to get rid of the issues.