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April 30, 2015

How to fix SearchProtocolHost.exe errors

It is a pre-installed executable file in the computer. It has its uses in the search process of the host computer to find out other protocols to connect and establish secure connection. It is not an official Microsoft file process and is a part of windows indexing service. The file is present predominantly as searchprotocolhost.exe windows vista in windows 7 and vista systems. It is located in the system folder with a folder file name.

As it is not a valid process of Microsoft, so it is always seen as a corrupted or malware file. If it is not present in the actual location, it can be termed as virus. Often virus files are present in the system disguised as the actual file with the same file name. It will always be seen running in the process list in the task manager. In case of cpu running high memory, you can disable it from the computer by removing it from the process tab. To remove it, go to the control panel of the computer from the Start tab, and click on the Remove program tab. Find out the .exe file from the list and un-install it from the computer. Restart the computer and allow the changes to take effect. Enormous files size, RAM issues are some of the problems users face with this indexing host file. The error codes are like searchprotocolhost.exe runtime error, crashing, application error 1000, *32 and more.

Solving these above problems will be definitely frustrating, but the solution can be done if the problem is diagnosed correctly. While indexing, the host file tries to load the memory at one time. In this case, enormous file and limited RAM doesn’t go along and errors happen. If this error can be diagnosed quickly, it will be a lot easier to free your computer from unbearable hang-ups and restarts. Deleting some files from the index list is a good option in this scenario and user should perform it carefully. First open up the Indexing options dialog from the control panel and click on the Advanced button to open the Advanced controls. Click on the Files tab and scroll through to locate certain files that seem to cause problems. Just un-check them and after finishing click the Ok button. By doing this, you are providing command to the system to build a new index database. It will take a considerable amount of time depending on how large the hard-drive is. Apart from doing this, a lot of methods are there to stop these errors such as:
1. You may have uninstalled some software, and the dll file have been accidentally deleted in that process. After that process, error messages are coming such as the file is missing. The best way is to restore the file from the recycle bin, but if you have permanently deleted it, use windows data recovery option to get back that all important file. You can also download the file from a trustworthy website to stop the existing problems. Tools like DLL Suite also helps in this regard as it fixes all sorts of .exe errors by downloading the file from its own server database.
2. Multiple driver problems has the ability to lead serious system problems such as unexpected BSOD, frequent system crashes, hang-up of crucial applications and abrupt system shutdown. To get rid of these problems, the drivers should be updated on a scheduled basis and Auto update utility should be enabled. The Auto update facility will update the drivers on a scheduled basis to be in sync with the current phase.
3. A registry problem can also help to cause indexing errors in the system. Over-accumulation of broken and left over files from software deletion or un-installation are the main problem sources. As the system is devoid of enough free space to run crucial applications, errors show up with technical codes. It is necessary op do a registry cleaning manually regularly by clearing the browsing history, cookies and temporary internet files. Max Utilities also cleans up registry and its invalid files, shreds files and folders and frees us required space inside the system. It boosts up the computer speed to run it faster.
4. An antivirus utility also helps to clean up viruses and malware if present in the computer. Viruses disguises themselves as actual files and harm the computer. It is extremely important to save the system from its clutches before any irreparable damage is done.

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