Jun 10, 2015

How to fix symsrv.dll missing or not found error

Symsrv.dll is a kind of symbol server that is a part of debugging tools for Windows Package. There are many users of debugging tools that apply public symbol store from the Microsoft website to access the symbols. If you have an error message regarding this then you need to find an effective solution than regretting later. As the name implies it is a dynamic link library and related to MSDN Disc 1952. It has been developed for Microsoft and has a quality rating of 1 star. Its most recent version is but the security rating seems to be unidentified.

Why Do You Get Symsrv.dll Errors?

Of late, if you have symsrv dll download errors then it is because they are shared files and do not stay within the software application. This gives multiple opportunities to software developers but at the same time it also open a can full of issues. Quite logically when the Windows fails to load properly then it is due to dll file error. The DLL file error occur at the time of computer start up, while opening up a program or while executing a particular function. Now take a look at some common error messages:

The symsrv.dll not found, the file went missing, there has been access violation, cannot register the file, unable to find C:\Windows\System32\\SYMSRV.DLL, cannot start the file because the required component is missing so install the file again. It is necessary to keep a track of these errors because they will helpful in troubleshooting the error. Let us find out the causes of the issue, first it can be due to missing or corrupt file. This is an external file and this gives a chance for some mishaps. Then you can also get this error while shutting down your PC or if the file has been affected by virus. Usually the file becomes corrupt when it fails to load and then it gives an error message.

At other times the error can also be due to problems in the Windows Registry. The broken DLL file can prevent the DLL file from getting registered which gives symsrv.dll not found error. In fact the broken registry key issue can occur due to missing or lost DLL file, incomplete file installation or the remnants left in the Windows Registry that has been due to unsuccessful software installation. So let us learn how can you fix the error?

Restoration Method

It is not advisable to go for symsrv dll download because these files are not verified and might be bundled with some kind of computer malware or undesirable things. You can go for the following methods to fix the issue. First restart the computer because this could be technical glitch. If you cannot restart the computer then try reinstalling the software once again. Then fix the corrupt or invalid registry entries due to which you need to clean the corrupt files. After which carry out a full malware scan, repair the damaged Windows files. Use a recovery tool like System Restore to undo the changes done recently. Sometimes the error can also be due to driver incompatibility so roll back the driver to its previous version. Do not forget to run the SFC/ Scannow command and test the hardware to find the faulty one.

You can also go for DLL Suite to get rid of all kinds of DLL files issues and keep up the optimum speed of your computer.

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